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How safe is to use same surgical mask over and over again, during multiple days/weeks?


Our facliiy has us place the used surgical mask In a paper container before leaving and wants us to use it the next day again when we sign into work.

I don't feel comfortable doing that, I feel It would be safer if I take the surgical mask home and iron it maybe ? Expose it to sun/heat?

What y'all think?

I'm terrified 😞

On edit, I work in a SNF in FL.

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Edited to add info.

On another edit, English is not my first language, moved here in the 90s so I apologise.

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For what it's worth, it sounds like a bunch of places are having people keep their masks in paper bags and reuse them.

With a regular old surgical mask, if you tried to iron it I'm pretty sure it would melt or catch on fire (depending on what it's made from).

The only bright side is that the virus can only live on cardboard for 24 hours, so hopefully they aren't sticking around too long on masks...

What about other germs ?? Bacteria from breathing into the masks for 8-16 hours??

My anxiety has gone to the roof, I feel lost 😢