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:confused: There is so much information to be learned with A&P and the nursing courses. How do you retain the stuff learned to apply it when you finally finish and begin working? Do you remember everything? I'm thinking of the body parts and functions also. I feel like I take my tests and then forget about everything. Also in the nursing courses, will I remember about diagnoses, interventions and how to evaluate it all to develop a careplan?

I've had an overlaod today, I guess. I have 3 tests next week to prepare for and my A&P, there is so much info, metabolism, tissues and the many types and functions, integumentary system, need I say more!! plus I have to learn all the bones in the skull by Tuesday and also have to develop the diagnoses etc. to prepare a careplan for my test in Health Assessment.

I was actually questioning why I was going to school. I could be working at my boring accounting job, ha! ha!


Thanks for letting me vent. I'm sure I will have a different outlook tomorrow.


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i've found - the more you review it the longer you remember it - i think in A&P they called it building a "Complex Reverberating Circuit" (ummmm...long term memory)

Also, I am finding out now that when you learn about examining each system you get a review.

as for diagnoses and care plans and whatnot, i dunno i think you probably get better and better w/ dilligence and time...

maybe the other wonderful folks on here will have some pointers:D



Hi there!

I'm a second year nursing student in Auckland, NZ. I also have trouble with it:confused: A& P is my favourite paper when I was in my first year. I'm doing Pathophysiology this year & I'm having a hard time retaining all the informations that we have learned in the class, especially the numerous scientific terminologies. I guess the main thing is for us to know how to apply the knowledge to our clinical practice. Constant revision is a must to be able to retain them in our memory:rolleyes:

All the best:kiss



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I read this thread and I had a flashback remembering how tough A&P was for me. One thing that helped me a lot was to think of something that I could remember and then apply it to anatomy...I think that it is called pneumonics (sp??)

example: "SITS" group....rotator cuff muscles:

Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres minor, Subscapularis (SITS)

or Fat People Often Take Seconds :bones in the head: Frontal, Periotal, Occipital, Temporal, Schemoid

(wow, time for me to brush up on my spelling!!! Yikes)

But anatomy was 3 year ago and I can remember a good bit of things that help me get through.

This might help you too...give it a try. Good Luck!

Gator.......going to get my medical dictionary and learn how to spell.:)


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i can't spell either, may i join you. :)


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Hey, how about everyone posting their mnemonics for all us students out here.

I had one for the cranial nerves but it has escaped me.

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Please studentspost your mnemonics!!!!!!! I'm doing A & P too! it's killing me! SOooooooooo much information to process



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For the blood:

Never Let Monkeys Eat Bananas

N= Neutrophils

L= Leukocytes

M= Monocytes

E= Eosinophils

B= Basophils

nursing 101

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I had a physio test the other day managed to get an "A". Thank God for multiple choice. I always mess up on fill in the blanks. But as we progress we keep on seeing the same things over and over. Like different types of tissue: ie adipose, cartilage connective. ATP is always up there. DNA etc. Just like math we retain additions/ sub better than dividing and fractions. Those type of words will be basic to us as well. For the others that escape us; oh well !!!


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Thank you,if anyone has anymore or knows of a web site that you can find them,please don't hesitate to let us all know.


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I had one for the cranial nerves but it has escaped me.

This is mine: Oh, Oh, OH, To Touch & Feel Very Good Velvet... Almost Heaven!!












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Originally posted by rhona1

Thank you,if anyone has anymore or knows of a web site that you can find them,please don't hesitate to let us all know.

This one is from a previous thread -

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