How to do the PVt?

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So how is the PVT done? Do you log-in and answer the questions as if you haven't taken NCLEX before and go all the way thru until it's time to pay and see what happens from there?

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Have you searched the forum or gone to the NCLEX page? There are THOUSANDS of post like this you can read.

And don't do the "trick". It's not accurate. Just be patient and wait.



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Log into the Pearson testing page, answer all the questions correctly (have you taken nclex RN before = yes), and attempt to register for another test. After you've typed in a correct credit card number, with the correct expiration date, if you passed, Pearson won't take your money again. You'll get a message that says you're already registered for a test. If you failed, you'll be registered to re-take, so you're not out anything.

There aren't any first-hand reports here that claim to have passed & been charged, it's all snopes material, "a friend of my cousin got charged & passed"..

i did did it a couple days ago, passed, was not allowed to re-register & got the correct "error" message.



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Oh geez. DON'T do it. There are several posts right here on this page that clearly say it didn't work. Just pay the $8 for quick results and wait 48 hours, or go to your BON and see if your license number has been posted.

My mom was a nurse and had to wait at at least 6 weeks (maybe more), as did every other graduate nurse 40 years ago. Surely we can wait 48 hours without dying? Just do something fun and keep yourself distracted for 48 hours. You can do it!