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    Thank you all so much!

    I am SO HAPPY, I PASSED NCLEX!!!!!!! I took it over the weekend Jun 18th (worst mistake). I was sick all weekend just felt terrible and really down because I felt like I did not pass. I had 220 questions and was like this after I left ! I tired doing...
  3. Wrote NCLEX today, 265 questions

    Good luck fellow new RNs, I hope you all did well on NCLEX!!!!
  4. HELP!!! I am pretty sure I failed the NCLEX!

    Hey I am in the same boat as you, can you tell me how to do the PVT. And if I do if the site lets me register is that considered the bad pop up or if it lets me pay for another exam? I am confused, angry, nervous, etc!!!
  5. How to do the PVt?

    So how is the PVT done? Do you log-in and answer the questions as if you haven't taken NCLEX before and go all the way thru until it's time to pay and see what happens from there?
  6. Took NCLEX today, not feeling good at all!

    thanks you all i really need the positive vibes! And good luck to u taking it next Saturday.
  7. Took NCLEX today and I feel terrible, I had major anxiety going in and even more when I came OUT! I used UWorld did like 400 questions overall score was like 56%, used ATI in school, graduate May 7. I also had the Saunders book and my ATI book and ap...
  8. Hi fellow UWorld Users

    I just started UWorld yesterday and I wanted to know from those who have taken NCLEX or not did you all just go and answer questions or did it by system or category or whatever?
  9. Panicking big time. Shut off at 75 & tons of SATA.

    I took the PN back in 2013 and had 75 questions walked out almost in tears. A few hours later checked my state licensing website and there she was...I passed. I have heard if it cuts of at 75 questions you failed pretty badly, but I only heard of a f...
  10. June NCLEX takers

    Hi I test before the end of the month and I so flipping nervous, I was wondering if you could send me the 35 page study guide, pretty please with cherry on top! my email missladytee11@gmail.com Thanks
  11. Did you have to pay for the NCSBN? Also, stay positive you have over 60 days or so to prepare, I would say that is good amount of time to improve your scores! Keep at it!
  12. Hi I take NCLEX on 6/13 and really need extra study material, my money is running a little low, but I plan to purchase the UWorld thingy, but until then do you have an even bigger heart and would not mind sending it to me please. My email missladytee...
  13. Took NCLEX-RN This Morning

    Congrats, REGISTERED NURSES!!!! I take mine of 6/13 and I am so nervous! I am reading alot of good things about UWorld, so who all would recommend it, my school had us do a live review with ATI at the end of april, but I obviously need more than that...