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"Then the admissns office told me it was academic dishonesty to not include it and I had 90 days to submit the official transcript or I would be barred from enrollment I was not able to come up with five grand and got barred, therefore dropping me from the nursing program this fall. "

I'm confused as to why you are unable to get the transcript. Sounds to me like the 5k is owed to the school and not a loan. You don't have to pay loans before getting a transcript. You do have, however, have to pay off any outstanding balance to the school.


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Hi if you owe any money to a school they will refuse to provide you with a transcript until that money is paid in full.


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So basically I need to kiss my dreams of finishing my degree and becoming a nurse goodbye until I save up five grand. As a single mom and a CNA that might take a while... but hey it'd be cool to be in college with my kids right?

I guess I need to change my current goal to finding a CNA job at a hospital instead of Long term care and home health. Hopefully I can get some useful on the job training like getting certified to read EKGs, pass medicine and loads of experience for when I finally get to re take prerequisite which will soon be aged out to reapply for nursing school.

oh well thanks everyone's for the opinions and advice.

I am 18 years old, about to graduate high school in May. I am currently an STNA(CNA), but have not worked yet. I am entering into a four year BSN program at a local university. The cost will be about $40,000 to attend to get my bachelors in nursing. I have applied for scholarships but haven't received any awards. I was wondering if anyone could share how they paid for nursing school/college.

Loans, grants, and scholarships.

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Loans, financial aid (have you completed a FAFSA?). I worked while I was in nursing school. You may be able to get a work-assist position where you receive a tuition discount in exchange for working for the university.

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From start to finish, I worked full time through nursing school. I used two very good credit cards to pay tuition. Chase Freedom allowed me to dictate how many months I'd like to pay the money back (I always chose 6 months). Citi Simplicity comes with no annual & no late fees EVER, so I'd pay as much I could each month. One thing was for sure, each month I'd pay a certain amount to both credit cards. Then, I'd pick up overtime hours during summer time to pay off outstanding credit card debt so that when the new school year began, both cards were available for use again (I never used these cards for any purposes other than tuition). Of course, I applied to many scholarships; I was granted one by my school in the amount of $2k, which was helpful. As far as textbooks were concerned, I went with the option of buying online books, which cost me, I kid you not, $287 for the books needed for all 3 years. I think that was the best bargain yet! I was frugal in other areas of my spending, particularly food. 90% of the time, I brought food from home to school. I chose to forgo student loans because I did not want to be chained for another 5-10 years of my RN life, paying the loan back.

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