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  1. s.wizzleteats

    CRNA Loan Repayment

    Has anyone had any portion of their CRNA student loans payed by an employer? Just starting school and already overwhelmed by my BSN loans stacking up with DNAP loans. I don't have much hope in HRSA- I applied twice with my BSN loans with a DTI of >200%. Any info would be appreciated!
  2. Hello All, I have posted on other older forums related to this a couple months ago. It seems as though the story has changed for me, yet again. Originally, my recruiter said to me that I could choose either the loan repayment (28,000 after taxes) for 3 years comittment or a bonus (~23,000 after taxes). I chose the loan repayment. No matter what It would all be for loan repayment anyway. He said that I will know whether or not I'll get the loan repayment prior to this summer. I submitted my application for this in early January. My recruiter has always said that if I don't get he loan repayment I can always try for the bonus. As of a couple months ago, I was put on an alternate list. Then my paperwork needed to be resubmitted last month because some info that my recruiter filled out related to months and years of comittment was incorrect. He said that it seems hopeful being that they've obviously looked at it, which means they could be reviewing my case. Then I talked to him last month. Now he's saying that I most likely will NOT know whether I am getting the loan repayment prior to swearing in. He said that I may know a couple days prior to COT. IF I don't get it then we can always switch to the Bonus. My COT starts 08/23/10. This all is starting to sound fishy to me. Do recruiters make more $$ if they get you to take a bonus over loan repayment? Why does it seem that the story is constantly changing? I do really want to know prior to swearing in if I'm going to have to do more than 3 years active. My recruiter keeps pushing the bonus at me. All the while, I'm feeling like I'm getting the shaft. Isn't there a chance that they'll run out of bonus money as well. Then what??? I sign for 4 years for nothing? Yes I do understand the other perks (ie tax free income, free medical, and etc.) of going into the USAF. I'm also extremely patriotic. But please don't try to guilt me into being okay with nothing like my recruiter has already tried. "You're not joining the Air Force just for Loan repayment or the Bonus, Are you?" I'm not okay with this if I know that others have gotten the 3yr/$28,000 and I'm getting nothing. Now he's saying that people would "Kill" for my spot in COT. Making it sound like I should be thankful that I have my spot. (Hey I started this whole process over a year ago so that I'd have this spot. Please don't try to use this to guilt me too!) I was told in times past not to worry about this and to worry more about COT. Well I can't help but worry about this. This is MY Life and no one else is going to have to pay the $750/mo. my loans will cost me for 10 years without the loan repayment, except for ME. Thus I am a bit freaked. Sorry I rambled on and on about this. Is anyone else in this situation?

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