How to pass EC Micbiology?


Some friends can give me some tips to pass it? Or someone can tell me if there is an online course that EC accept the credits? thanks for you share to me.

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I recommend using the EC exam content guide to direct your study and reading, and the EC practice tests are worth the $60 expense. Good luck.

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It's been a few years for me, but the microbiology exam was rather straight forward. The book followed the content guide. Read it and make flashcards, that helped me earn an 'A'.

Good luck!

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I used REA Super Review Microbiology from Borders and bought the Cliffs Notes online and printed them. I got an A.


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I used Microbiology coloring workbook which help me a lot...and making flashcards was a must for me.

Good luck


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i mainly just studied practice exams i D/L'ed from the web. i studied the night before for about 2 hrs and the day of for about an hr and pulled a 'c'.


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I used cliff's notes to help me pass the exam.


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I studied using "Microbiology for Dummies"purchased from Books A Million. I made a B on the test after studying for a few days. Good Luck.


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I took the Micro Exam last week (1/15) and made a B. I used the Content guide, EC practice test, flashcards, Micro CliffsNotes (free online on the CliffsNotes website) and Microbiology Demystified (if you go to the EC virtual library and click on E-brary you can view this book free, also)

It was straight forward as mentioned early. I took A&P the day after and made a C. I studied a lot more for Micro than I did for A&P. I was sweating bullets when I took the A&P. When I saw that "C" I was so happy!!!!

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