How much sleep?


On average, how much sleep would you say you get before working a 12 hour shift?

I worked today and work tomorrow. By the time I get to bed its usually 1030 or so, and then I'm up at 330 to get ready for work. Is this typical for most or should I really force myself to learn to go to bed earlier? By the time I get home its 6 or 615, then dinner, getting kids to bed and decompressing myself- before I know it, its 10 pm.


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Up at 3:30? A.M.? Yikes, what hours do you work?

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i get up 30 minutes before i have to go to work , i go to bed at 2200 and up at 0600


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Up at 3:30? A.M.? Yikes, what hours do you work?

5a to 530 p

I leave the house at 415 so as to have a few minutes to get situated once I get there so I'm ready to take report at 5am. Leaving at 415 gets me to the parking lot at 425 or so, 10-15 mins to walk in and get to the floor. I try to park as far as possible to get an extra bit of walking in (trying to lose weight) and to be able to take the stairs (I work on the 5th floor)

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Me personally, I would try to get as much sleep as possible. I work 7p-7a and by the time I get home/eat/shower, it's close to 9am. I go to sleep ASAP and set my alarm to get up as late as possible. It helps that I have a husband that helps out w/ kids etc. But I've found that my body thanks me when I allow it as much rest as I can while working!


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I work 7p-7a. I usually get home by 0800, eat something quick, shower and am asleep by 0900 and sleep until 1500-1600. Sometimes I get up earlier than that so I can try to spend some time with my husband before I go to work.

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I normally work nights, and this getting up at 3:30 for day shift is killin me....

I can't get to bed before 10:30 or so....I worked the last two days, and didn't set a alarm this morning....I slept 11 hours! I think it's something about being a night person that throws off the body clock...

I would just say sleep as much as you can...then catch up on those off days. Best you can do.

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I work 7a-7p. I typically try to be in bed by 2200, but it is usually 2230-2300. I get up at 0500. So, about 6-7 hrs/night.


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I got tired of laying in bed awake during the day, so I just sleep every other day now =P


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I'm asleep by 2100-2200 and up at 0530. I work my days in a row and I find by my 3rd night I'm usually sound asleep by 2100.


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I need at least 7 hrs. in order to function properly. In the past, I really let myself get sleep deprived. I worked 3 doubles a week. I would not get to bed until 12:30 or 1:00, then up again at 6:00 for next day. All of this lack of sleep contributed to exacerbation of my auto-immune illness. I have not worked and have been on disabilty for the past 4 yrs. I wonder how I ever did it. What abuse we put our bodies through!

Currently, I am Lunesta dependent. I don't abuse them and take them as described. However, I believe that I need to kick this habit. I cannot sleep without them. I am preparing for a period of two weeks where I will not get much sleep. I know my body will have to adjust without the Lunesta. Of course, I will discuss this with my dr. before I take myself off of them.

I am planning on returning to school for a refresher course. I need to train myself to getting up early again I usually go to bed anywhere from 12:30 to 1:30 and get up about 8:30. I have never been much of a morning person. I always preferred the afternoon shift.

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I work 7P-7A. When I get home, I shower and eat something light and quick if I'm hungry. I'm usually in bed by 0830 or 0900 and stay in bed till 1600. If I can't sleep, I take a tylenol PM to help me relax so I can sleep.

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