How much should you pay for a nursing convention?

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If you were going to attend a national convention, how much should you pay for it?


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depends on location, whether or not my employer or union were footing some/all of the bill, what the topic is, length of conference...yadda yadda yadda...

nimbex, RN

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I've paid about $125.00per each day for seminars, some cheaper. Plus hotel. I find a buddy to goto conferences with to split the hotel and the manager will pay us for our time, not the seminar.

Know of any good conferences?


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I think nimbex's guideline is about right. I will be attending the annual ACEP conference in Seattle this year (not a nursing conference per se, but many nurses attend) but only because my employer is footing the bill.


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When I was in school, my fiance-then bf- got a temp job handling the computer terminals at the nursing convention here in SD. On his first day he got me an illegal, unpaid-for badge to get in. So everyone else was paying $100-4200 and I got in free! Just had to throw that in, haha.


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Don't care, the city pays for them if they want me to go.

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