How many NClex questions did you practice during nursing school?


Just curious and when would you study them?


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I honestly don't keep track, I usually do them when studying for exams, and choose whatever topic the exam is on. How many I do depends on how much time it took me to get through all the material for the exam, and how much free time I have left between that and when the exam is.


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0. I never used to study for exams this way. I didn't find it helpful. I just looked at the content.


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I had the opportunity to meet multiple wonderful nurses with their Ph.D, and while talking to them about the NCLEX, they mentioned in most cases for those who want to pass on the first try it is best to do about 5000 nclex questions, prior to testing.

The books that are coming out right now such as Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada (2013) have many online resources which would help with your NCLEX.

Gosh, I never kept track! The only time I did was when I had to do 500 for my preceptorship, only because those had to be turned in! I'd say I did about 4,000 or more in the course of 2 years!


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OMGoodness, probably at least 1000 per semester, LOL... my last semester, we had Kaplan so I know I did at least 1000. I would do NCLEX questions regarding each subject we were on in class because it would help me understand maybe how the questions in class would be ordered/worded

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I use NCLEX questions to study for all my test. I think it's extremely helpful. Make sure you have a book that gives the rationale. It's the most helpful part!


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What books did you guys study from?


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I used Saunders and NCLEX made easy

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My ADN program encouraged us to start them 1st semester. I got pinned yesterday and my guess is that I've done several thousand by now. All of Saunders's, Kaplan, and Incredibly Easy books.

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During nursing school, zero. I didn't think about NCLEX until after I graduated and, even then, I only thought about it for about 4 days.


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During nursing school' date=' zero. I didn't think about NCLEX until after I graduated and, even then, I only thought about it for about 4 days.[/quote']

Haha we are the same. Did zero during nursing school and then zero after. I signed up to test on a Monday and tested 36 hours later on a Wednesday and I did about 500 in those 36 hours.