How many hours do you study each day?


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Ms Kylee

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At least 2 hours a day, but more as test time approaches. If I have a test on Monday, I'll start studying for it on Thursday and each day up until the day of the test.

Current classes are:

Anatomy (final on the 23rd)

Basic Nursing (which I hate, but mainly it's because of the teacher, not the material)

Math for Meds

Nutrition/Clinical Nutrition

Completed class: PRC (Professional Role and Communication) Got a 98 in that class.

My favorite is Anatomy.

I also have at least 3 hours of Clinical one week, and at least 16 hours the next week. It's a part time class, but I swear we work as much as the full time class.

vashtee, RN

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Last semester, I think I averaged around 15 hours per week. Some weeks were a little more, and some were a little less.


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I only actually study on Sundays. I have to spend time during the week on clinical prep and careplans, but usually I only study on Sundays.


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Hi all,

I am going into my 3rd semester of an ADN program. Between studying, reading, clinical prep and clinical paperwork I can estimate my time at at least 40 hrs a week. Then you throw work, eating (ADL's), etc there was just not enough time in the week. I managed a B my first semester and a B- my second semester.

On our first day of school we have a pharmacology/math test consisting of 37 chapters of pharm and 10 chapters of med math, abbreviations, etc. We also have to perform a clinical competency on catheters, dressings, injections, IV drips, Tube feedings the last week of August plus performing an assessment on a fictional patient and then writing a soap and narrative note on a fictional patient. The nightnmares and stress have begun again but i can not wait until i become a nurse!!!!!;)


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I'm in the third block of an LPN program that goes for 5 blocks. We have an average of 3 exams per week, not including pop quizzes.

The easiest block for me was the second block. We had Nutrition (I got an A,) geriatrics and something else, I can't remember what!

This is by far the hardest block for me. Even though I thought I knew psychology, psyche nursing was hard because the teacher is lousy and makes it hard and tests us way above our level. Now we're in Pharmacology, with the same teacher, and it's nothing short of a nightmare. MATH MATH MATH. The teacher shows us no formulas.

I hate it.

Her instructions are for us to memorize the entire book, including every single drug, generic and brand names - and all its side effects and what it's used for. It's not possible, nor is it necessary because - DUH - we could look the drugs up in the workplace.

And we have 3 exams a week - and are in school 8 hours a day so I have to study anywhere from 4-6 hours a day during the week and try to take a breather on Fridays.

The weekends I'm studying another 4-6 hours.

Sometimes I wonder why I even come home.


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I would have to agree that it's going to depend on your personal receptive abilities. You can say you'll study for 4 hours everyday, but you might not need to. Personally I study anywhere between 2 and 4 hours/day. I have kids, so any studying has to be done after they are in bed at 8pm. Some material is easier for me to get than others and some takes two and three days for me to just "get it". You will find your own method through trial and error. But I would suggest to definitely create a method once you get into the flow of things, so studying can come naturally at that same time every day.


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I wonder if people define "study" differently. I study about 40 hours/week, but that includes the time I spend reading the chapters, typing my lecture notes, and doing assignments.

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It completely depends, there is no average for me I guess. I'm a senior in a BSN program, I "get" the material pretty easily and only really need to read over it once (I'm fortunate that I can remember what I read) so I would say I study/do nursing school stuff anywhere from 0-4 hours a day. But there are people in my program who literally study for like 5 hours a day-every day, I just can't fathom that. It seems to be a very personal thing.

It just depends on if there is a test coming up, a paper to write, careplan, etc. Someday I am so sick and tired of it all I just watch tv or red a fun book! LOL

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how many hours per day do you study?

I would say about 14 hours minimum per week; varies from day to day. I review the information on my own and listen to every recorded lecture and retake notes. Then 2-3 days before each exam, I get together with a fellow student and we have major cram sessions. We study for about 8 hours a day for 2-3 days right before the test.

Will you please state what class/classes you are currently taking and if you noticed that you needed to study more for some classes vs other classes.

I am currently taking adult health II. I would say that I studied the most for Fundamentals. It was the hardest for me to get used to studying and taking tests in a completely new way from what I was used to.

Finally, which semester was the easiest for you.

So far Adult Health II has been the easist for me. I love cardiac though and I want to be a cardiac nurse so thank goodness!

Good luck to you!

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