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How many hours was your senior preceptorship/clinical?

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I'm interested to know how many hours other nursing programs require. At the end of my senior practicum I will have 540 hours for the semester in addition to my first 3 semesters of nursing school clinicals. This is for a BSN program but I'd love to hear about any nursing student's experience!


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Senior Capstone was 135 clinical hrs. Essentially, eleven 12 hrs shifts one on one with a preceptor plus 3 hr credit for your capstone project.

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I don't know how many hours I've had in total for clincials, but my practicum was 150 hours.

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We had to work Fifteen 12 hour shifts with our preceptor.

For the program I'm hoping to get into, it's 180 hours.

It's 1080 total clinical hours for the whole nursing program.

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I'm in the ADN program, and this last semester it's total of 240 hours. Sole clinical time on the med-surg floor is 11 11-hour days (120 hours). For the whole 5 semesters, it's 820 hours or so.


Does that mean you finished with 2160 hours (540x4)?! Holy cow!

I am interested to know whether or not the mandatory number of hours changes with the type of program. Does someone in a 2Y/3Y ABSN Program have the same clinical hours as someone from a 4Y Traditional BSN Program?

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540 hours of clinical in a 15 week semester is 36 hours per week of just clinical time. In addition to didactic courses, I'm finding that a little hard to believe. How long are your semesters?

My capstone was 144 hours- twelve 12 hour shifts.

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My capstone will be 150 hours; fifteen 10 hour shifts.


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I'm doing a bsn in NZ, which is a 3 years.

We work full time, 40 hours a week. We just focus on placement during those six weeks and do not have any classes or assignments.

We work 1-1 with a RN. No instructors. The school is not involved in our placements. Nurses we work with precept us and sign us off.

by second year we are expected to take a full pt load with the RN just observing us.

50% of our degrees is hands on nursing.

First year is 6 weeks in aged care. 240 hours.

Second year is 6 weeks med/surg. 240 hours. 6 weeks mental health. 240 hours.

Third year is 6 weeks primary health care. 240 hours.

And then transition placements which is like you capstone, we get to choose were we go and have to work like an RN with no help whatsoever. our preceptor then decides whether or not we are able to do the job, and if we graduate or it. It's nine weeks, 360 hours.

In total 1320 hours. Which is required by all bn programmes here to get your degree.

Essentially it is our only class for the semester and it is set up as a full time "job". We also have an online leadership course with weekly discussions and a few papers plus an EBP project due as our final for this course. My program has a really heavy focus on the clinical aspect for our final semester but our first 3 semesters have a lot more classroom time. By the time we graduate total clinical hours end up being right around 1100.

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