How many hours do NPs normally work?

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I would like to become a nurse practitioner but I am in love with the 3-12 of nursing. I am willing to work 40- to 45 hours a week but I would like to know how I can get out of being on call, you're probably wondering why this is so important for me to know? At my hospital, there is a NP that looks like she's dying and she works everyday. She takes a weekend off every two weeks though, she also has a very bad attitude, looks upset and sad all the time and not only that but her hair seems to be falling out now. I asked her once why she works everyday and she replied "mula" which shocked me because I thought NPs made a lot more than nurses. There are new NPs at my hospital and they are beginning to develop the same attitude and also work every day. Are these hours required? I live in Florida by the way. I want to become an NP but don't plan to live my life like that:no:. How many hours do NPs work?

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This varies tremendously. Some NPs work part time in an office setting and work only 2-3 8 hr days. Some work full time 40 hrs, some 50 hrs, some more than that. As to call, some do, some dont. I guess this really didnt answer your question except that I would like to add that you know what you want before you commit, you will be a lot happier...

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It varies widely based on your setting. If you are working as a hospitalist then most are 12 hour shifts x 3 days/week. Most office/clinic practice is 8 hour days x 4 days/week. Call is negotiated, and you are often well-paid for it. I have call every 4th weekend/holiday.

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Some specialties do 24 hour shifts too, like trauma, ICU and surgery. Depending on the set-up it can make for a pretty nice schedule. They still generally stay around 36-40 hours a week.

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I think it's like any other profession/job. For some people, there is never enough money and they are always trying to make more. I agree totally that it depends where you work. I am working 3 x 12/13 hour shifts/week, no call. I earn every penny but I do like only working 3 days a week.


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Depends where, what and who you are working with. Currently I am a contractor and work as much or as little as I want. I've worked 70hrs/ week and this week Im working 8 and going on vaca. Prior to that I was working 4 10hr shifts. I'm a psych np in AZ though.


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It depends on what you do. I work in a specialist office setting and only work 30-32 hours a week (usually 3 8-9hour days and a half day). This is by choice, the money allows me to not have to work full time. No holidays, weekends, or call. I love it. I liked my 3 12's too, but this is still great.


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This is a very complicated question. I work for a neurosurgeon, I am also a recent grad from a NP program. Currently I work about 50 hours a week plus study time at home. My salary is on the low side, but I know as I become proficient in my responsibilities, increase my time in surgery, and finalize insurance contract negotiations this will improve. Know though, with time and dedication comes reward.


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I've been an NP for about 6 months working in a very busy family practice clinic. Average 52 hrs/week Mon-Fri with no call. Love the job, pay is decent, but not liking the hours.

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I'm going to be working 2 8's and 2 12's. Like others said it can vary but I think more so in as hospital setting..