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  1. RescueNinja123

    Palm Beach State- Fall 2017

    Why do you say this, is their any specific incidents that you can tell us about?
  2. Yes, try to contact Mrs Rhonda Boles and do everything in your power to make it to that Info session, they will tell you everything there and it is required for acceptance. Their part time program is a good choice similar to Miami Dade's. Contact: Please feel free to call the Nursing Department during business hours at 561-868-3412 with any questions you may have. Faceook page for part time program name is PBSC Part-Time Nursing Class Of 2019
  3. RescueNinja123

    Kaplan or Hurst?

    Okay, I'll private message you.
  4. RescueNinja123

    Kaplan or Hurst?

    ButterflyRN you might not remember me but as soon as I saw your profile picture I remembered you. I was a previous student of BC and would often ask you you questions about the program before I entered it. The last time you were on here you said you were having some difficulties with the program, did you graduate?
  5. RescueNinja123

    Do all Outpatient Surgery Centers lack hours?

    Are you a NP or circulator?
  6. RescueNinja123

    Can you cancel your license

    Yes, I meant get rid of it for good. I am no longer using the license and now working on a career change. I don't want anyone to know I ever did this for a living. It's not a major issue, I just wanted to know if was a possibility.... It's mainly for privacy reasons and also the fact that my personal info is being shared with the public.
  7. RescueNinja123

    Can you cancel your license

    Lets say you move to another state and do not plan on ever coming back to the previous one, can you cancel your license? Or terminate it as if you were never a nurse in that state?
  8. RescueNinja123

    Miami Dade College Spring 2016 nursing program admission

    Hi, thank you so much for this information, I am currently interested in miami dade nursing program, is it okay for me to PM you.
  9. RescueNinja123

    MDC Nursing Spring 2017

    Hi, were you in the generic program or lpn-rn program?
  10. RescueNinja123

    MDC Nursing Spring 2017

    Were you in the part time or full time?
  11. RescueNinja123

    MDC Nursing Spring 2017

    Anyone going into Miami dade part time lpn-rn program?
  12. RescueNinja123

    So what's going to happen to health care now?

    He is president-elect. He is officially president after the inauguration.
  13. RescueNinja123

    My professor is an LPN in a BSN program

    Yes, it is possible, this also depends on years of experience.
  14. RescueNinja123

    MSN Admin with no RN/BSN

    What is your end goal??
  15. RescueNinja123

    FIU First Semester w/ Employment?

    Hey what was your acceptance gpa and which would you say is more important, your gpa or GRE scores?
  16. RescueNinja123

    Just wanted to say I hate nursing soooo much

    If it makes you feel better, balding is kind of a trend among male nurses, not all but most.

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