How many classes do you have left?

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I only have my major classes left and plan on applying for the ADN program in Jan 2010

Physiology-spring 09

Chemistry-spring 09

Microbiology-Fall 09

Anatomy- Fall 09



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eng 101-done


sociology 290-done


psycology 215-done

biology i a&p-done


biology a&p ii



hoping to be done by 12/09 with pre reqs. also trying to get in the universtiy of st. francis god willing.



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I have A&PI & II, College Algebra, Medical Terminology, PSY 203 Human development, CPT 101, then Microbiology. Englishes, PSY 101 and Sociology are done. Im doing A&P II over this summer, and doing PSY 203 and Microbiology this upcoming Fall semester. I do want to get PSY 203 and Micro out of the way, but it will be too much during the summer time. Im planning on applying to nursing programs for the Summer/Fall in 2010 its a little less competitive than Spring.



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As far as prereqs go, I still have to take-

Organic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry





Human Development

And I also have to sneak in a bunch of general education classes



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I'm doing A&P II right now and then I am DONE!!! :monkeydance:



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I've been taking classes at my community college since the Summer of '07, so I'll be done with my pre-req's in exactly 2 years! I've applied for admission to the RN program (to start in August), but I haven't gotten my results back. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Math 102 (basic math)- *done*

Bio 123 (principles of bio)- *done*

Chem 120/121 (general chem)- *done*

Information meeting - *done*

Eng 121 (eng composition)- *done*

Psy 121 (intro to psych)- *done*

Humanities elective (intro to film)- *done*

CNA course - Spring 2009

Cmm 127 (intercultural communications)- Spring 2009

Bio 124 (A&P)- Spring 2009

Cmm 121 (speech)- Summer 2009

Bio 125 (microbio)- Summer 2009

Psy 220 (human development)- Fall 2009



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I only have the following:

Med. Term. - Spring 09

Chemistry - Spring 09

Nutrition - Spring 09

Statistics - Spring 09

Pathology - Summer 09

Stategies for Success - Summer 09

Oh and I have to take the TEAS in the coming weeks.



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This spring 09 i will be taking all co requisites

Microbiology Bio 205

Principles of Psychology

Summer I and II classes if accepted,:bugeyes:

College Writting 112


Psychology 113 (Growth and development)

College Algebra



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classes i need

Chemistry (spring 09)

Physical Ed (wellness course) (spring 09)

Microcomputer Applications (spring 09) not required for nursing

A&P 1 (summer 09)

A&P 2 (summer or fall 09)

Microbiology (fall 09)

should i nix the microcomputer class and take a&p 1 instead?.....i didnt want to over do it with the science classes but if its not a hard class then i might can swing it then i'll only have a&p 2 and microbiolgy to take in the summer then i might can apply to start nursing school in fall of 09 .....does this sound doable?



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i am soo close to being done! i've been going for my bs since fall it's been a long time coming (or at least it feels like it).... but i'm graduating a semester early. so yay!

microbiology - done

chemistry - done

statistics - done

psychology - done

sociology - done

nutrition - done (fall 2008)

humanities - intro philosophy course - done (fall 2008)

visual & performing art - done

gov i - done

history i & ii - done

english i & ii - done

humanities - intro philosophy course - done

anatomy/physiology i - done (fall 2008 - i got an a!!! seriously....the most intense class i've taken...ever...)

to do:

anatomy/physiology ii - spring 2009

life-span psychology - spring 2009

communications - spring 2009

literature - spring 2009

pathophysiology - summer 2009

gov ii - fall 2009

medical term. - fall 2009

then graduation with a bs in health! hopefully i'll be enrolling in a nursing school for spring 2010 (either accelerated or generic). are the application deadlines summer/early fall for everyone applying to nursing school for spring 2010?



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Classes done:

1. A&P 1 w/lab

2. Sociology

3. Gen Psych

4. Speech

5. Nutrition

6. College Algebra

7. English Rhetoric and Comp.

Classes Currently Enrolled In

1. A&P 2 w/lab

2. Psych - Life span & development

3. Philosophy

4. Health and Fitness

Classes to take next semester

1. Microbiology

2. Pharmacology



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Sometimes I feel like I'll be doing pre-reqs for 2 years!!

Just wondering how many pre-reqs others have to do and how far along you are?

I have to do:

Psychology 101 *DONE*

Math 082 *DONE*

Math092 *1/2 way done*

Math 122

Biology 156 *1/2 way done*

Chemistry 130

Biology 201

The fact that I started on the bottom with the math is what sucks so bad. Plus I had no bio from high school or chemistry to transfer over.

My goal is to be done with pre-reqs by December 2009.

I was in the same situation myself - it had been so long since I'd been in school before (got a B.S. in '78) that for like math for instance, I had to basically start from scratch and take three semesters (pre-algebra, intermediate, and college-level). I didn't really have any bio, chem, and psych classes from my previous college that would qualify either, so I had to take those too. But I am all done with my pre-reqs now - took me three semesters to do it while working full time. Just have three co-reqs and will be taking two of them this semester (microbiology & English 101). So there eventually will be light at the end of the tunnel LOL I will be taking the NET and putting in my app for nursing school this month soon (going for an ADN for now - will try to work for BSN & MSN later while I'm working). I know that all of this seems a bit daunting at first when you start out - that's exactly the way I felt at first too ("When am I ever going to get through all of this?") but it will eventually come, and just knowing that you are closer to the goal does a lot to keep your spirits up.

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