How long did it take for you to complete your 2-yr adn program? including all preqs

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  1. How long did or will it take for you to complete your 2-yr adn nursing program?

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I am doing a study for my statistics class and my question is: Generally, how long does it take to complete the Nursing adn program?

so i really need as many responses as long did it take you or do you foresee it taking you all in all, with all preqs and clinicals.....

thanks for your time,


Mary Dover

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Started with general ed stuff in Sept 1987. Went full time until the following May, when my son (who will be 14 in about 5 minutes) was born. Took an incomplete that quarter, but finished everything up, and took the next quarter off. Started in nursing that following fall (1988), went full time until graduation in May 1990.


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I was psychotic about the whole thing and did it in two years, from summer 99 to summer 01. Not one term went by that I didn't carry a full course load, including night classes, and there was always work (have to buy those books somehow)... By the time I graduated I was so burned out that I didn't take the boards until four months later. And whilst I am glad to have it done with, I wouldn't do that again if you paid me. WAY too much stress (emotionally, physically, mentally), and you totally lose any semblance of a personal life. My suggestion...get your pre-reqs done with so you can focus on your nursing classes alone. It seems like it would be well worth the extra year.



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It took me 4 years. Two years of prereq's and two years full time. I worked full time during prereq's but was able to go to school full time for the last two years without working. Still grueling but much better than the first two. Do your prereq's first and you'll be much happier.


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i need more votes....please .....even if you have nothing to say that is fine...i am really looking to see the averages for the 4's for an assignment.....


you guys are truly the best



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Graduated in 83. Started taking classes in 79. Purposely only took 8 credits most semesters. Kept my life from spirialing out of control and caused me to truely enjoy nursing school. Graduated with many people who did it in 2 years. I took 4. My choice was to do it in 4, was never sorry.


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It took me about 4 years: two years of general prerequisites and two years of nursing school, with one semester off after finishing the prereqs prior to getting into the nursing program. I worked as a CNA to gain experience.



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In my class about half will take 3 years to do the program. The rest longer, we have a few that still needed some of the support classes, but no one doing the "entire" program in 2 years. Technically the program is doable in 2 years, I think I could have made it (I'm a nerd and have no life):) but I just split all the support classes up with A&P I & II and did Micro the summer before starting nursing classes. The other thing to remember is some folks may be including pre-reqs based on college placement exams etc. The only pre-req I needed was Biology because now in IL 2 years of Biology are required in HS and a hundert years ago when I went only 1 was required.

Good luck with your project, you may want to also post the poll on the student board.


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I started in 2001 and I will graduate in 2005.


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I started January 1999 and graduated May 2001, so it took me ~2.5 yr. I worked my a$$ off. Summer and night classes straight through.

live4today, RN

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It took me three years. I started out part time which allowed me to be home when my children left for school, and home before they got out of school. After all the pre-reqs were accomplished, I went full time for the nursing courses. No regrets in the way I did it. It's what worked best for my family and I. :)


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Actually 3-1/2 years is what it will take me to earn my ADN while working full time. I was fortunate though...I had a vew of my pre-req's done from by BA in English. For the first year and a half I'm working on pre-req's and non-nursing core classes so I can still work full time and pay off some bills before acquiring new ones! :D

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