How long is to long, to study for the NCLEX-RN?


I was just wondering what is the average everybody is studying? This time around I don't want to rush. Ive been out of school for 3 years and I work full time, with a two year daughter. so it is kind of hard for me to hit the books. So I was thinking about studying for about 6months or a little longer. What is everybody thoughts?


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Hi, for me 3 months is perfect just balance the content and practicing of questions. Try Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN

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Did you just use Saunders? I was thinking about using Uworld for the questions..

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Uworld is fantastic for the questions, and the layout is like the actual NCLEX. Do plan on reviewing all of the rationales as to why a given answer is correct or incorrect. Given you've been out of school for so long, Saunders would be a good content review.


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I used Saunders 5th edition and Prentice hall and Nclex mastry and passed after multiple attempts... 8-12 weeks is a good amount of time...


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I studied for a month straight. If your confident in conten then you should focus on strategies so you can answer the questions correctly. Hurst is great for the content you need and sources such as Uworld and Kaplan are good questions. I used Kaplan. It personally was the best for me based on the difficulty and I passed the first time. Good luck


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Whoops. Misread post. 3 months should be fine.


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I studied for a month and passed, I think doing tons of practice exams did it for me.

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I'm sorry but if you don't feel confident and passing the boards after all that schooling then you might as well go back for another year no studying is going to bring you up that close it doesn't work that way. Almost every question has four parts to it and it has for answers so unless you wonder stand lab values disease process intervention and manifestations for all the things that you're going to be honest you're screwed - I passed the first time LPN 85 RN 153

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OK this person waited three years three months of studying if you don't know what you don't know what you cannot force it you either get it or you don't everybody that I know that's a nurse had that light switch flipped on somewhere during junior year a few during senior but that was it you either know it and you get it for you Need to find a different career three months of studying are you kidding me she might as well try now because the three months that she wastes she could at least six months in between