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How long to get your ATT for re-examination? (California)

by sunrisechaser sunrisechaser (New) New

Hi everyone,

I recently failed the NCLEX on my first attempt and was hoping to retest straight after the 45 day wait period. However I keep hearing different things: that you won't receive an email via pearson with your att until your 45 day period is up, that the BRN will take 5 weeks to cash your check then another 6 weeks to get your att from that point (and if this is the case that could be a minimum of 77 days until you get your att), and so on.

Since they have all our paperwork processed from the previous test, I don't imagine the processing of this one page re-examination form being that hard to "process". Can someone please share their experience with how long it took for them to get their ATT codes after submitting their re-exam paperwork?

I fear that this setback will not make us eligible for jobs until winter applications if this is really the case.

Hi from my experience. I sent in my reapplication form and waited a few weeks for them to cash my check. As soon as they cashed my check I waited another week to register at Pearson vue. And as soon as I registered at Pearson within maybe 5 hours I received my ATT in my email.

Also in the mean time while you are waiting for everything to process just keep studying as if your test is nearing. So that once you receive your ATT you can schedule a day to take the exam and then you'll be ready. Good luck.

Oh this is good to hear. Thank you Krazykat48! May I ask when this happened? It seems this past spring the BRN has been backed up since they are switching to an all electronic system. Also, if you have any recommendations on NCLEX reviews? Our school did Kaplan but I didn't really feel like they aligned.

I reapplied in late march. They cashed my check in late April. And I got my ATT soon after. And I retook the exam in July. It's not that long. I am in California. So I'm not sure for other states how long the process could be. That's my experience.

As far as study material. I didn't take any review course like Kaplan. I did buy the strategize book of Kaplan. Just to help with test taking strategies. I also used Saunders for content review. And I did the entire book of lacharity which really helped me withprioritizations. And the lippincott book full of alternative questions. And lastly since I didn't have any qbanks like Kaplan I used nclex 4000 and prep-u 10,000 which helped me a lot. I know it's a lot of material but if you use them wisely you can succeed just like I did.

Feel free to let me know if you have anymore questions. :)

Thanks so much Krazy Kat! The info is super helpful.

it took me a solid 2 months. i sent in my application right away and paid pearson asap as well and that didn't speed up everything. i even sent an email to complain it was past my 45 day mark and still took 2 weeks after to get the att. just study until then so you can sign up asap once you do get your att. good luck!

Yikes futurefotorn! That is what its starting to appear like for some of me and classmates. Do you mind if I ask when this was? Just recently? Thanks for the info!

i took it the beg of april and within a week they sent my "did not pass letter" in which i turned around and sent in my re-app.


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It took the CABON 60 days from posting my license # from the day I took the NCLEX (passed 1st try). It could go fast or very slow.

For the reapplication to retake exam, did you have to send the transcripts and other information? Or is it just a one page form? Also did anyone reapply online? Is it faster? Thank you!

Are you in CA? I failed my nclex July 23 and when I found out I failed July 25 I reapplied and paid for Pearaon right away because I thought I would get my ATT quicker. I really want to take my exam once the 45 days are up because my dream job starts Sept 17. I am in California. I am really praying for a miracle. In the time being I will study, but do you think I will make it?

I have a quick question. I took my nclex July 23 but failed. Reapplied to BRN july 25 and paid and paid for the $200 for my exam on Pearson right away. I really want to take my nclex right when i am able to when the 45 days is up. The 45 days is up Sept 6 and my dream job starts Sept 17. Do you think I will be able to take my exam by then and get approved by the BRN? I an in California. I am really praying for a miracle right now.