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How do you know You are READY?


I've never been a confident person when it comes to test. I remember that in every single test (at the beginning of the Nursing program) I was scared and always thought I did bad; however it was always the opposite. Now that I'm approaching to the end of the program and getting ready for NCLEX-PN I still don't feel confident.

How do you know you are ready for the test?

Any advice on improving the confidence or how to get ready?

Previous experiences would really help.


I'm not sure I ever felt "ready" to take NCLEX. I studied for well over a month and still felt that I needed more time. Once you get your Authorization to Test I would schedule boards as soon as possible. The sooner you take the exam after school the better your chances are of passing. In the meantime prepare to the best of your ability by answering review questions, reading the rationales, and reviewing test taking strategies.

You will be able to go into the exam room knowing you prepared the best way you knew how and will use your nursing judgment from there. Good luck! Lots of great threads on preparing for NCLEX-PN and test taking tips. If your school provides an NCLEX review course or materials I would be sure to utilize those as well.

I don't think anyone ever feels they are "ready." Your educational program was supposed to prepare you to pass the NCLEX. Statistics show that the longer you delay after graduation, the lower your chances of passing. Just suck it up and do it (asap).

And, best wishes! :)