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  1. CalderonLuis


    Hello, I'm from south Texas. I am an LVN recently fished and working at a long term care facility. I want to continue with my RN. I was taking some classes for the transition program in my community college but working full time and school is no joke. I want to do the RN online. I called excelsior but they told me that they are going to be reviewed by BON on 2017 so they might add or even close the program for Texas residents so I don't want to risk it. Do any of you guys know an online program for Texas residents? Thanks in advance
  2. CalderonLuis

    Continuing Education

    Hi, I'm a newly licensed Vocational nurse in Texas.I passed my NCLEX and I'm taking my pre requisites to my local transition program LVN-ADN...however I have been searching for jobs and it is hard because my classes are during the day and most of the facilities want only morning shifts. I figured working home health until I can find something that fits my schedule. I want to continue my education and I'm considering doing the transition program online...is it hard to do it? What would you recommend? Traditional way or how? TIA
  3. CalderonLuis

    GVN Looking For a Program

    I want to continue my career from to LVN to RN. However I'm interest in the online programs out there that way I can get experience in the field working full time. I need opinions on online programs "LVN to RN" How do they work? Is it better than going 8-5 classes? If I do a program would I be able to continue to my BSN and finally my NP? I want to know all my options and if is recommend.
  4. CalderonLuis


    I recently Finish as A GVN and wondered about working as a GVN as I study for my NCLEX. Any opinions? Pros and Cons? TIA
  5. CalderonLuis

    Role of an NP?

    First of all , I appriciate that you took the time to answer my questions. I am amazed of how much you do in a hospital setting. It I nice to see that an NP is a rewarding career and that encourages me to lean towards that path. I also have a question about your answer, you said "my practice's patients" , so you have your own practice ? Or are you under the Drs supervision?
  6. CalderonLuis

    Role of an NP?

    Hey guys!! I'm a nursing student with a lot of questions about NPs out there in the hospital setting ...so here they are: 1. What is the role of an NP in a clinical setting ? 2.Do you ever feel unappreciated at the hospital setting? 3. Do you ever encounter MDs that try to put you down? 4.Pros And Cons of the job? And a bonus question is : why NP and not MD? *In my case my dad is a physician in Mexico and I notice how the physicians over there take their time with their patients. Talk to them, and pretty much treat the patient as well as the disease...I notice that the closest thing to that was NP. I've never seen an MD smiling or even being polite or humble (expect on the residents) and i have met several MDs that they honestly tell me : if can start again I would of choose PA or NP. Any way...tell me your thoughts about the profession and all the good stuff. Right now I'm at the point where I can still make a change in my career but honestly so far I'm loving the nursing field. THANKS!
  7. CalderonLuis

    How do you know You are READY?

    I've never been a confident person when it comes to test. I remember that in every single test (at the beginning of the Nursing program) I was scared and always thought I did bad; however it was always the opposite. Now that I'm approaching to the end of the program and getting ready for NCLEX-PN I still don't feel confident. How do you know you are ready for the test? Any advice on improving the confidence or how to get ready? Previous experiences would really help. TIA
  8. CalderonLuis

    Clinicals start this week!

    It is amazing! Because you get real experience from clinicals. It's not the same reading it in the book and actually seeing it. Try to get a positive experience and don't be afraid to ask questions. Remember that all nurses were once students.😄👍🏼
  9. CalderonLuis

    Requirements for NP school

    Yes, I'm assuming they only require "college or university". However each school and program is different. Better double check idepently ,right?
  10. CalderonLuis

    My I'm going to medical school

    Good luck on your Career! But never forget why you joined the medical field. Money is not everything in life. Eventually we all are going to depart this life and your 200k will stay here 😄 #BeHappy
  11. CalderonLuis

    Requirements for NP school

    Hello My Fellow Nurses and Student nurses! I have tremendous doubt and I could use some help. I did LVN in a Vocational school (not a college). When I see the requirements for NP school I noticed they ask for all the transcripts of the college or universities I attended. Does that mean that I need to send : ADN gpa , BSN gpa only ? Or do include the vocational school? Also: how do they calculate my GPA ? Thank you in advance! 😄
  12. CalderonLuis

    LVN TO -

    So in Your opinion after finishing my LVN program just take the pre-reqs for the PA program?
  13. CalderonLuis

    LVN TO -

    Hi , I am a current LVN student..it's been 7 months into the program and I recently realize that I want to Persue PA. The thing is I want to finish my nursing program because the PA in my city requires at least a year of direct clinical experience. After finish the LVN would you guys recommend taking just the pre-reqs for PA school or finish my BSN in nursing and then PA? And yes I have considered NP but I relized I like the medical mode better. I'm going to finish LVN to get experience.. Any opinions would be appreciated it
  14. CalderonLuis

    NP vs PA

    So true, the sky is the limit. I'm starting as LVN to get money because I need it lol. Im considering all my options. I'll take the time to look on several Med schools and figure this life thing out THANKS I agree with you Marie!
  15. CalderonLuis

    NP vs PA

    I apriciate your honesty and the time you took to answers my question. Another interesting fact that I forgot to put on the post Is that I work 40 hours a week to pay rent and still manage to go to LVN school. I'm paying most of the school Aside for my living expenses. Even though I have little time my grades are pretty good compared to the time I put studyng. I can't afford quitting my job, I live on my own. No support form anybody, that is the reason I said : not everything is possible. You can say : everything is possible if you try, well I'm trying really hard on my first goal wich is LVN. As the time progress my best option is NP, but who knows. I'm between those options. Another thing is that is not a waste of time because i have met several doctors who started as nurses etc. Thanks Larry 👌😄
  16. CalderonLuis

    NP vs PA

    Hi , I'm a 19 year old VN student going to the 3 month of school now. My ultímate goal is to the an MD , however That is kind of imposible due to my financial status. I live on my own in McAllen Texas and my parents live at Mexico, so everything i do is on my own. As I said I want to become an MD but due to the money I find that option out of my league but one of my main reason to become an MD is to be the boss , not to be bossing around or anything like that but to help other by having the full experience of the medical experience. I thrive on the moral Concept of respect and honestly that is one of the reason I want to be an MD. However , not everything is possible so i want to know what is better : an NP or PA? Better in the sense that I can get the full experience in a hospital, that I can be practicing in a hospital without being under someone that much? I need all the pros and cons. Thank you!