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How I Passed the TEAS Exam

What resources and tools should I be aware of to pass the TEAS test?

Students TEAS Article   posted

I recently took the TEAS V exam and I thought I would share test prep ideas, covered material, as well as test taking hints. Note: To respect forum rules and academic integrity (mine and yours) I will not post specific exam questions or examples, nor will I answer questions in regard to them. Nevertheless, I am hoping that by sharing my experience, I might help you in preparing for and taking the exam. You are reading page 13 of How I Passed the TEAS Exam. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

freesia29, LPN

Specializes in Urgent Care.

YOU ROCK!! Thank you so much! As an LPN going back for RN, I have to take the TEAS now. Copying this to a word doc to print off right now!! Thanks again for all your hard work!!

freesia29, LPN

Specializes in Urgent Care.

I haven't taken it yet. I am taking stats over the summer, and plan to sit this exam before the end of August. You won't be alone studying this summer!!

Thank you for sharing this study guide! It helped me more than anything else!

Adjusted individual score: 97.6%

National rank: 99%

I went through the study guide, line for line, writing out my notes. I created flashcards and made audio files of quizzes from my notes, which I listened to when I was in the car.

I supplemented my notes with videos from YouTube, specifically Crash Course Biology, Bozeman Science, and Amoeba Sisters.

The free online TEAS V practice test from Mometrix was very helpful too.

When I took the test, if I came across a question I wasn't sure about, I would choose an answer and then write down the question number on my scratch paper. Once I had answered all the questions, I went back to the questions I had marked and took my time thinking through the answers. I am the type of person who likes to rush through things, so the best guidance that I read and followed was to take my time and slow down.

I wish you luck on your test!

Molly12 said:
I clicked on the link, I don't think it works?

It works if you type it by hand instead of copying the link


I haven't looked if anybody asked because there are just so many entries.

A simple question: you wrote you studied about one or two hours every day. But how long did you study for?

It just seems such so much material that I'm just curious to know.

Thanks and awesome job writing the post!

You are absolutely right! To make an exceptional grade purchase the bundle pack to get the same questions and answers on the test. Now, there will be a TEAS VI, which allows calculators and NO Science section. I will buy the BUNDLE to score high, anything less is emotional abuse since there is a definite advantage. Imagine, there are others out there who had nothing but their intelligence to see them through in college. No help, no solution Manuals...just study study study. BUT, money can buy you the advantage you need to pass with all that study information if you dont pass with 85% or higher, you have to be an idiot. lol. Im upset. I did not buy the bundle like my friend, who Aced it. I bought the pretest A & B, and Aced them. The actual test had all the questions my friend had on her purchased bundle. While I was thinking and figuring, she knew the answers from her study guide. How can this measure true aptitude if it is primarily memorization???? The poor need a CHANCE TOO!

I took the TEAS in May and spent a total of 3 weeks studying about 1-2 hours a day. I spent 1 week on math, 1 week on reading and English Language, and 1 week on science. I bought the bundle: study guide and 2 practice test from ATI. I did a total of 5 practice tests (I did not spend 3+ hours doing the practice test so I didn't score high on the practice tests; however, it gave me a general idea of how I would do given that I spent the entire time doing the actual test). To be competitive for the nursing program that I am interested in, my goal was anything above 85.

My scores:

Adjusted Indiv: 90.7

Math: 90.0

Reading: 90.5

Science: 89.6

English Language: 90.0

Hope this helps!


I don't get it.....what is the purpose of reviewing and buying the TEAS ATI study guide book, if the the questions are totally different on the actual exam. What if you don't know the questions and answers? Basically, this is a "either you know or don't know the questions test", either you were a dummy or bookworm in highschool because science was my weakness. Thats going to be a waste of money if I buy the book.

Hey rainbowvahnet this helped me tremendously when I took the teas last year. I just wanted to say Thanks a million.

Is this still accurate with the TEAS 6?

I'm currently trying to enroll in a BSN private school and on of the requirements is to take a teas test? I never heard of this test but now I'm hearing it's hard as heck. I really want to do this program but I'm awful at taking tests! Can some one help me out with study material? I'll definitely pay who ever can help me. I'll do anything to pass this test. I want to be a RN very bad

How did you end up doing?

Woul you mind showing me the link of where you bought your manual?! I am having a hard time finding it on their website. Ii would really appreciate it, thank you!

Wow!! Congrats after 18 years of no chemistry, that amazing...

So what do you do now for a living?

Hi everyone,

I plan on getting into the nursing program, and my school requires atleast a 60% I know this isn't too hard, but I am known for being a horrible test taker. Do you think 60% is attainable? Any answer would be be greatly appreciated

I just took this test and received a 51% and it says basic. However I don't know if I passed or fail.

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain these VERY HELPFUL tips in detail. I feel much more comfortable about taking this important test now. You are lovely! I will be taking the TEAS August 28, 2017. Best of luck to everyone! Sending positive vibrations to you all!

Do you think these things will be applicable to the TEAS VI? I am currently studying for it and this is such an amazing article, I would love to be able to use the information you have gathered!

Great Article!

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