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How I Passed the TEAS Exam

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What resources and tools should I be aware of to pass the TEAS test?

I recently took the TEAS V exam and I thought I would share test prep ideas, covered material, as well as test taking hints. Note: To respect forum rules and academic integrity (mine and yours) I will not post specific exam questions or examples, nor will I answer questions in regard to them. Nevertheless, I am hoping that by sharing my experience, I might help you in preparing for and taking the exam. You are reading page 13 of How I Passed the TEAS Exam. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

Just took my test yesterday, and wanted to say thank you. I scored a 94 overall, which puts me in the 99th percentile. Could never have scored that high without your post. Thank you so much for the time you spent putting this post together!!

Thanks so much for all of your advice. I am happy to say that I took my exam last week and scored a 90.7% and scored in the 98th percentile. The nursing advisor at my school said it was the highest score she had ever seen! So excited for the fall!

cdawnben said:
Thanks so much for all of your advice. I am happy to say that I took my exam last week and scored a 90.7% and scored in the 98th percentile. The nursing advisor at my school said it was the highest score she had ever seen! So excited for the fall!

1st - congrats! Thats amazing! 2nd - just wondering how long did you study and how did you break down this study guide?

Hello all,

Just wandering about how many weeks did most people study for the teas 5.. I am currently in Micro, and won't have a lot of time between tests to study, hoping to do all teas studying over a 3 week period and 1-2 hours a day 4-5 days a week. Planning on buying the ATI study guide only, and heavily studying math and science. Let me know what you all think on my plan...Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

I just took the TEAS V yesterday and used this study guide like the Bible. I copied it into a word document and added information to each topic. I also bought the Mometrix Secrets of the TEAS for more science review and made a study guide just from that book. I ended up with a 24 page study guide (from this one) and a 26 page study guide (just science). I also used Quizlet, there's a lot of flashcard sets for the TEAS on there if you study well that way. I honestly studied for 10 hours a day for about a week and then backed off to just a few hours a day leading up to the exam. My scores won't be posted til tomorrow (I thought I'd get them right after I took it, but they told me I'd get them after 48 hours...:madface:) so I'm not entirely sure how I did. The anticipation is killing me! However, I bought practice test A and thought that it was a bit harder than the actual exam. If you do nothing else, I highly recommend buying the practice tests. When you answer wrong, you can click through all of the options and it'll tell you why those answers are wrong and why the correct one is right. I thought this was extremely useful in understanding the types of answers they're looking for. For instance, in the reading section on the practice test it asks you to pick the logical conclusion. Well in my head, a logical conclusion is something that is realistic. They were looking for a logical conclusion to the paragraph that I read, which was about a potential alien abduction/UFOs. I never would've picked that answer on the exam because it wasn't logical to me, but what they want is what's logical to the paragraph, it doesn't matter how you feel about it. I also felt like the types of questions were very similar to the actual exam. I took my time the first practice test and really read each explanation and took notes on all the ones I got wrong, why they were wrong, the ones I got right but kind of guessed on or topics I felt iffy about. The second time I took it, I treated it like the real exam because it times you so you know how long each section takes and I was able to finish the actual test with time left in each section. I felt prepared, but I'm not a good standardized test taker, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to know how I actually did. I had a nightmare last night that I scored 4% because the computer recorded all of my answers wrong (talk about stress! haha). But my advice would be to definitely purchase at least one ATI practice exam, use this study guide to create your own, and make sure you understand the answers they're looking for.

Hey jaqrose...

I think I took the same practice test too with the UFO!! I know what you mean...I got those questions wrong too because i stuck to what I thought was realistic and they really wanted what was logical based on the story itself. anyways, did you get your score back?? I'm sure you did great! I take mine next Monday :(

Hey jredo2617!

I did just this morning, 93.3%! I actually scored the lowest on reading, 85% and it was my highest on the practice tests. Weird! I thought I had it all figured out once I knew that UFO answer! Hahah but yes, I thought the same thing! I was reading those answers like nope, that's not right and sure enough it was. But now you know what they want!

Best of luck to you!! I honestly found the actual test to be a bit easier than the practice. The first time I took the practice, I scored 66% in science and I scored 95.8% on the real one. How are you feeling about it?

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Per our terms of service, AN does not allow soliciting for copies of study guides, books, etc... thanks much


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Thank you so much for posting this! I take my teas April 15 and this should help organize everything for me !!

I'm taking mine TOMORROW!!!!!! So many nerves on fire right now, wish me luck and thanks for the post!!!

Update! I made an 80 after only studying a couple of days, not bad BUT i will be studying this guide for a lot longer to get an even better grade :)

I took it on the 8th of March and scored a 56% without studying. I need some pointers on how to balance my studying time between 19 hrs of classes. I take it again on the 10th of May. I would really appreciate your helpful tips.

I would say first begin by getting an ATI book and also going through what the original post listed. It was extremely helpful.

Thank you so much for posting this I really appreciate it.. You really took your time to break it down. I took the test 3weeks ago and pass the all parts except for reading.. I'm going back to take just the reading section in 2weeks and I have been studying all sections in the reading part.. This time I will pass! last time I felt like I didn't pass that section because I ran out of time and I'm not a fast reader, but I've learn many straggies to get through it by focusing on top, main idea, skimming through the rest of the paragraph and know what is the conclusion and summarizing it.. Again thank you much

I just took my TEAS-V on April 1st, 2016 and received a 91.3%. First off, the math section was harder than on the practice tests but the other 3 sections seemed easier to me than on the practice test. Definitely pay attention to the clock and just get through it the best you can, leaving time to go back over each question afterwards. You can make notes of which questions you need to review on your scrap paper - you definitely don't want to waste time over a hard question and pass up the opportunity to get a bunch others right because you ran out of time (this almost happened to me in the math section!). Take lots of practice tests - I bought the McGraw Hill one, plus one form A on the ATI website and the two tests in the back of the ATI manual. I took breaks in between each section and used that time to go to the bathroom and eat a small snack/take a drink of water and stretch - worth it to do that! People said it was "no big deal" and to "calm down" but my entrance to nursing school rode on this test so it is a big deal and a valid thing to stress over - but staying calm, practicing with the practice tests, reviewing notes and getting good sleep the night before helped. Also, I made note cards over the ATI study manual - in the end, you can't review the whole book, it's just too much. But having the note cards to flip through and review key concepts, definitions and formulas was good.

Sorry for the late response - I started studying about two weeks out and used the ATI Testing TEAS book. I broke it up by section and studied as much as I could each day until I could tell I was no longer focused. I highlighted ideas I thought were important and completed the practice questions as if they were the real deal. If I got them wrong, I dog eared the page so that I would come back to it later and review it. Once I finished a section (whether it be reading, math, etc.) I completed the practice test for just that section in the back of the book and went over my wrong answers and reviewed those subsections. After completely going over every section (reading, math, science, and english) I sat down and did the second practice test as if it were legitimate. Again, I went over the sections I had the most trouble with and consulted resources I found online (videos, powerpoints, etc.) Finally, I bought one of the practice exams online and completed that in one sitting - I did terrible and scored a 72% or something and it was the day before the exam.

When I took the exam, it was structured in such a way that I could answer all the questions in the subject's section and go back to old questions easily if I needed to. I would write down question numbers that I was unsure about and go back at the very end to review them if time allotted. I only got close to running out of time on Math. Stay calm and stay focused and just realize that if you have to take it again that it is always an option. When you take some of the pressure off of yourself, it allows you to focus on the test in front of you rather than the stresses of doing well on the exam. I really didn't thinking I was doing well while taking the exam only to finish with an amazing score.

Can anyone tell me how much Chemistry is actually on the TEAS exam? Maybe some chemical equations?

I have never taken a chemistry class so I want to be prepared but at the same time I prefer to stick to studying what I do need and less of what I may not really need... if that makes sense.

Would studying a month before the test be enough time to study?