How I Passed the NCLEX on the First and Second Try!

Well, you all know that's not really possible. You either pass on the first time, or you don't. But I sure feel like that's how it was.

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I took my NCLEX-RN today. OMG!! It was awful! I don't have my results yet, but I honestly think I failed. My computer shut off at 170. I have never felt like such an idiot. I guessed on 98% of my test. I had diseases that I have never heard nor where they talked about in nursing school. I won't be sad or disappointed if I fail, but I will be ******. I have been an LPN for 4 years and I am a pretty damn good one too. To me, it felt as thought the questions were written by junior high school students...some of them made me say "WHAT," in my head. If I fail, I'll do a little reviewing, but I don't think I could have done anything else to better prepare me for it. I guess being on the Dean's list, Phi Theta Kappa and excelling at the top of your class doesn't mean crap in the grand scheme of thing.

Well, if I fail....I will just try again. I'll just be angry that I will end up forking over another $200.


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I have always thought that experience would mean more than studying questions to me. Experience would bring med knowledge, and side effect knowledge, and that you would be more confident in your "next step" as a nurse in priority questions. Honestly, the questions were more SIMPLE to me than the ones we studied, but it seemed like I still didn't know them. No other test like it, I think! haha. And to you who are waiting for results, just relax. Don't go crazy looking up things you remember, because quite honestly the ones I remember I looked up and realized I got wrong! And obviously that made my anxiety worse. And to those who might have failed.. just don't give up. Make a schedule. My boyfriend studied with me every day except friday, when he hung out with his buddies. Here in FL, you pay 200 to Pearson and 200 to BON. so he paid $800.00 to pass this test. But in the long run, who cares?

P.S. Tonebud and Tngirl-- let me know what happens when you find out!


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Oh and Heart2Love sorry I just read your reply after I already posted again.

I used ATI books (they were provided by my school but they have them on amazon and at

Saunder's I read cover to cover :( It was boring but helped me recognize terms on the test I had forgotten from school

NCLEX 3000 online. I saw it on a post here and It was a great help. I would do 25 questions here and there, when I couldnt convince myself to sit down and open another book.

If I were you I wouldn't memorize drugs. There are far too many and they all sound the same. What I did is make flash cards with endings, like:

-lols (on the front)

Beta Blockers

Uses: blah blah

Common Adverse Effects: blah

TOXIC effects:


trade names:

(on the back)

if you generally can remember that pain meds can cause CNS depression, that can help you narrow down choices on the test.

And you know, the thousands of questions you do wont be verbatim on the test, however, if you do that many you will see how similar they are, and be more comfortable with the layout. Also, you'll know how to point out incorrect answers.

In Saunder's there is a first chapter about hints. I don't remember them all, but thats how I started out studying. I read the "tricks" in reading the questions.

Such as: If two answers sound similar, eliminate them... because there can only be one correct answer.


Global options: If there are two answers, that sound the same, but one is more broad and includes more, pick that.

There are about 10. And most of the time at least one of those applies to a question so that can help you narrow it down right away.


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Wow great...congrats


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Great post...what a happy ending!

Congratulations to both of you.

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Congrats to both of you!!!


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GOD bless you guys.. so happy for you two.. congradulations..


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What books did you use?


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what do you guys think about the comprehensive NCLES RN ATI book?

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Congrations! I hope the two of you celebrated really well.


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What a wonderful story and how awesome for both of you! Congratulations!!!

what a wonderful and unique story. thank you so much for sharing this...i think i teared up a little and i am not the mushy type. best wishes to you and him and enjoy the adventure you two have in front of you!