How I Passed the NCLEX on the First and Second Try!

Well, you all know that's not really possible. You either pass on the first time, or you don't. But I sure feel like that's how it was.

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thank you all for all the nice replies!! :) :)


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:) Awe!!! greeat story and Congrats to you both !!!


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What a great story of motivation, determination and success! I, too, had to take it a second time; the first time all 265 questions. The second time, somewhere around 100. Good luck to both of you! You've tackled an amazing obstacle together, and got your just rewards. Good for you both!


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Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. Congratulations to both of you! :)


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i almost have the same feeling when my bf was not able to make it on his first take... i don`t know how will i celebrate my luck of passing the boards. while he's having a hard time getting over with his flunked exam.. Luckily, we are already living together now and both passed.. He also passed on the second try... It's also flattering since that time when he's reviewing for the next take, thats the time where we decided to live-in together... its a GOD given grace and determination on his part..

Anyway, i just want to know what will be our best way for us to work to US.. We are working as Private Nurses here in the Philippines... You might give us an advice on step by step for us Filipino Nurses who are planning to take a step a head...

Thanks! i Really love ur article.. ;)


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great story so happy for you guys!!!!


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really made me laugh and I like when people work hard especially couples working together toward 1 goal

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was your lpn program accelerated?


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nice! congratulations!


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I know this is an old thread, but what touched my heart the most was how OP stood by her man. How incredibly sweet to try to schedule his exam before hers.


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Just an update.... Three years later.... We are still together, now both RNs and bought a home. Keep positive!