How do I get tape residue off skin?

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I had vein stripping on my leg done a week ago. I have 24 1cm incisions. I have peeled off the tape strips, but can't get the residue off. I don't want to take a bath and risk infection. (I have been taking showers) Any tricks to getting this off the skin?




WickedRedRN, BSN, RN

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Try nail polish remover. I have used it in the past and works well.

Rnn2003, MSN, RN

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Hi amber, I would try adhesive remover, that's what we generally use in surgery. Check at your local drug store they may have it there if not call the office of the surgeon who performed you surgery ask his nurses what they usually use to take steri strip/ bandaid adhesive off with.


happystudent, RN

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Try lotion, let it soften it up, then wipe off with a warm, damp towel.


boggle, ASN, RN

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I recently found I was sensitive to bandage tape, and had quite a bit of tape residue left on some very irritated skin. Had a brainstorm!

I tried the same Almay eye makeup remover pads that I use to remove mascara. I figured if they were sensitive enough to use on eyes, and tough enough to loosen mascara they just might do the job. They worked wonderfully, and didn't sting my irritated skin a bit. They are a whole lot cheaper than the adhesive remover we use at the hospital too.

z's playa

z's playa

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I use any moisturizer but not on an open wound. That or baby oil. Then RUB!!!



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Isopropyl Alcohol (either the 70% or 91% it doesn't matter) works wonders for cleaning the skin, whether it is tape residue or pen ink.


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I had gastric bypass a little over 2 years ago and used nail polish remover to get the adhesive off. I didn't have any reaction to it although it smelled a little.

Good luck




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Thanks for all the suggestions!




purplemania, BSN, RN

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Goo Gone, as used for hand cleaning in mechanical shops. Just don't get too close to the wound.



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The only thing that will remove the tape residue easily, quickly, and completely, is more tape!? Take a piece of tape and tab at the residue, sticky side down. You’re welcome!