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Moving to Texas isn't exactly the answer either. I am a new RN, in Houston no less, with 14 years of LVN experience and I can't get hired to save my life. They all say the same thing...6 months to 1 year RN experience. I think I would have been better off staying an LVN.


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I personally am already concerned and I don't graduate until December! I applied for externships, and obtained: 0. As for nurse aide experience I had about 2 weeks of orientation on a medsurg floor (crazy btw) and then started nursing school again and felt weird about doing 12 hours shifts on nights and school. That's a lot really... I plan to find places I can volunteer for experience now. Has anyone has absolutely zero experience besides clinical and nursing school?



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"Why would having ACLS help to get a job? It is a certificate that anyone can get. You do not have to be a nurse. Besides, without work experience, your ACLS knowledge will be non-existent!"

ACLS is not a certificate just anyone can get...I dont think my plumber could run a mega code.

It helps people get jobs all the time. Im not saying its a deal closer, but when a facility sees theres a skill you have that others dont (that they dont have to pay for) it does give you a leg up. If even a small one.

Yes, ACLS IS a cert anyone can get. I had nursing students and CNAs in my last class. And plenty of them had their hands held right through the mega code. I had a clinic nurse who couldn't identify sinus rhythm pass. That's right.

I won't even talk about how easy PALS was. (insert rolley eye emoticon here) I didn't even crack a book. Seriously.

Having an ACLS cert as an inexperienced nurse means nothing. Sorry. And I know that moving wasnt the advice many wanted to hear. But every new grad I've met has had to move out of state, or to some rural Indian reservation in order to get a job.

Today, today, this is where we are at. Unfortunately, there are many who do move for that ever important first job. And there are more and more students graduating all the time. Too many...


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I said it before and I'll say it again. The Registered Nurse schools need to be shut down for a year or two till there is actually a need for new grad nurses again.


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Wow, its seems like someone is listening to me!

The Humboldt State University's Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program has been discontinued. No new students will be admitted into the program.

One down, a million more to go!


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Have you all tried the prison system? I spent a yr. there and then I got the experience. I was able to move on. People figure you can deal with mental disorders of those pts. You can handle hospital pts. At least that what I was told. I worked in an infirmary (med surg like area). Paid my bills and it was easier to interview with experience than without any medical experience.

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I know its not what many want to hear, but as stated....relocation. Myself and others found jobs this way last year. And I moved without a car. Yes, its harder, but I'm making great money, and this is not forever. There are always jobs in rural areas for nurses. The plus is that you'll actually broaden your skills.

Reality is...too many applicants in cities and too few jobs. Unless you are willing to wait for a year or two to start working, relocation is the best option.

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