How do I endorse my California License to Texas


Hi, I am a California new grad. I have recently applied to some positions in Texas because I have heard that they are very new grad friendly. I am not sure if I should wait until I get an offer to endorse my license or do it now. I was also wondering if anyone has gone through the process recently and has any advice, tips, or just steps on how to do it?

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When I worked in South Texas as a new grad, there were a lot of out of state nurses starting orientation with me. Some didn't have Texas licenses yet, and the hospital seemed to be willing to work with them. They couldn't work on the floor until they had a license in hand, though.

I think you will find Texas BON to be a little faster and user friendlier than CA BON.

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I would not recommend waiting if you want to move there. Download the application for licensure by endorsement on the Texas Board of Nursing Website and read it through. It is more complicated and time consuming then you may think! I have 7 nursing licenses, and it has never been quick and easy. If you have a job interview, they will be less likely to hire you without even an application in the works. It usually takes 2-3 months. So, if that is really your dream, get on it asap! Every state is different, but sometimes, you have to get notarized documents, fingerprints yet again, transcripts sent, passport photo, bank certified check, among other possibilities that may be required. There are probably lots of new grads in Texas as well, so up your chances by at least having a license in hand! I moved right after nursing school from Ohio to South Carolina and no one would give me the time of day because I was still in Ohio. I only had a chance after I actually moved there without a job. Good luck!! Licensing isn't something that happens overnight, although you could possibly look into a temp license.

Get on the Texas Board of Nursing website asap and do some research.

Texas is not new grad friendly. Maybe 10 years ago it was, but now there are tons of schools turning out a lot of RN's in the state. Many positions will have 20 or more applicants.

If you have an ASN, good luck finding a job, most metro area hospitals only hire BSN's (and even that is getting harder).

Rural hospitals do still hire ASN's and are a little more new grad friendly. Many hospitals have internships now that they hire new grads only 2x a year (usually Jan and July).

If your serious about moving to Texas, get your license now, it will put you a leg up on all the other out of state applicants applying here.

Also, do not move here unless you have a job offer in writing.

Sorry to be so blunt, but people need to understand Texas is no longer the open field of RN jobs it once was.