How hospital ties with a newspaper squashed a story

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When No News Isn't Good News

How hospital ties with a newspaper put a story on the spike

Revolution Magazine:Sept.- Oct. 2001 Vol.2 - No.5


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Well, isn't that just typical of the tangled web of greed in high gear, in high places!

One more example of the stark reality that Boards of Directors, CEO's, entire Legal Teams (of hospitals), could give a hang about the critically ill human being tethered to a bed in the ICU by every tube and piece of medical equipment we have in our treatment arsenal - and is fighting for his/her very life, depending on the skills of the Nursing Staff at the bedside to help him/her to come out of it unscathed!!!

The head honchos at the hospital in question in this article are of a mindset not unlike the Taliban as far as I'm concerned. All they have in mind is their OWN sleazy bank accounts and the feeding of their own delusions of grandeur - ALL at the expense of hurting, suffering, very vulnerable human beings who are unable to advocate for themselves. Not to mention of course the blatant ignoring of Staffing needs that are critical to the outcome of Mr. and Mrs. John Doe's crisis in the ICU.

The message they send (in truth) is that they would prefer their patients to simply die quickly, thereby guaranteeing themselves a continued influx of funds to keep their burgeoning bank accounts well fed!

In their sick minds, "addressing staffing needs" is nowhere to be found on their "to do" list in the Corporate Meeting Room day in and day out.

Every one of them need to find themselves on the other end of the food chain for a single day.....flat on their backs, spread-eagled in a bed in their own ICU, with a triple lumen central line, a PICC line, on a ventilator, with a foley catheter, an NG tube, a BP cuff, telemetry leads, a Hep Lock in each hand, a dozen or more IV solutions dangling over their heads, anti-shock trousers inflating and deflating, a chest tube (or two) scraping against their chest wall with each inhalation and exhalation, surrounded by beeping, blinking, sighing equipment, unable to move or speak, and at the TOTAL mercy of the understaffed Unit of which they claim they are "so proud" in the eyes of the public!

Sign me OUTRAGED once again.........

Bonnie Creighton, Minnesota


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would a ceo actually do these things?????

(totally tongue in cheek, i assure you.)


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none of us should be surprised

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