How are hospice nurses paid? By visit/hourly??


I am wondering about hospice(non facility) RNs. Do they get an hourly wage ON TOP of the per visit pay and the gas mileage compensation?

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Depends entirely on the facility. Some pay hourly, some pay per visit. My husband's company's RNs are all salaried, but then also get on-call and OT. All should give you mileage reimbursement.

Generally you get hourly or per-visit, not both.

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Pay arrangements vary according to agency. I believe the most equitable way to pay hospice field nurses is hourly with mileage reimbursement.

Because Hospice is paid "per diem" it is not really appropriate to pay the nurses per visit. In home care nurses are expected to visit for a specific period of time not to be less than 30 minutes and generally not exceeding 60, because that is how the agency is paid...per visit or encounter. In hospice the agency gets paid daily whether or not there is a visit...and, hospice visits are frequently more than 60 minutes. Admission visits, for instance, generally take more than 2 hours and for some agencies take 4 or more hours.


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One or the other, not both. You get this information during your interview or upon hire. Nurses can also do continuous care, where they work an entire shift for one client at an hourly rate. These shifts usually don't last for more than a few days during a 'crisis' or when the patient is actively declining.


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If you are paid per visit, what is the average rate? Just a ballpark figure??


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When I worked per diem I was paided 45.00 per visit. LPNs received 25.00 per visit.


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If you are paid per visit, what is the average rate? Just a ballpark figure??
It's hard to ballpark, it varies so much by region/metro area.

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i am paid per visit, about $43 per visit credit (this is expected to cover about 75 minutes of time). I make very good money compared to the nurses that work in local hospitals, where the hourly rate is $25/hr.

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When the company I work for was owned locally, our per visit rate was 50.00 if it went over 2 hours it would be an additional 30. per hour. admissions were paid 200-250. When the company was sold, they went to hourly or salary which was 30+ an hour. Our mileage used to be 50.5cents a mile, now we were downgraded to 41cents a mile.


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I am salaried as an oncall nurse, I work 2- 12 hour shifts on the weekend, as a "weekender" position. My pay is that I work for 24 hours and get paid for 32 and am eligible for full-time benefits. It is a pretty sweet deal if you don't mind giving up EVERY weekend.


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I was offered hourly office base pay, per admission, per visit: facility visit, home visit, death visit each have their own rate. Mileage and cellphone usage is paid. On call has an hourly rate plus per visit rate.