How are you holding up with school?


How are you coping with your stress?


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Booze, meaningless sex, and cigs.

J/K- Doing well, a high B average, just passed dosage calc tests without any trouble at all.

How about you?

1:10 AM: brewing another cup of coffee, thinking about the fact that I'm already behind in all my classes and how next semester will only get way harder, and wondering...................why again did I pick a hard major that just prepares you for an even harder career? A tent in the woods just staring up at the sky sounds pretty darn nice.

In all seriousness....I've gotten As on all my tests so far but I feel like right now I'm doing the bare minimum to get by and have projects after projects piling up to get done "eventually" ....TMI (too much information) takes on a whole new meaning when you're sitting in your 6th hour of lecture for the day and it gets pretty discouraging sometimes knowing that this is what I'll feel like for the next 4 semesters. But I guess if other people have survived then I can too. :smilecoffeeIlovecof

I completely understand what it is like to be sitting in class for 6+ hours and feel discouraged. I think about the future and realize that these next few semesters are only a stepping stone to a bright and wonderful career that I will fully enjoy. I look at other nurses and the life they live- and I tell myself that I could have that when I'm done with school. For all the studying and the amount of information that the brain needs to absorb- I think anyone who chooses an accelerated program has brought on a personal challenge and should feel fabulous about themselves. Think of everything that a nursing student has already overcome- the GE classes, the patient experience, the clinical sites, the TEAS test, the application process... while we feel that we may be doing a lousy job at keeping up with our current classes and feel overwhelmed and frustrated, take time to sit back and enjoy what you have already accomplished and tell yourself that you WILL get through it. :)

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Not doing good:sniff:, didnt do well on my first fundamentals test, and second one is right around the corner on friday and i do not feel prepared. I wish it was more like anatomy or patho or pharm where its just memorizing. I cant apply nursing process correctly to situational type questions. i would have to do everything in real life hands on in order to use critical thinking, i cant apply it to paper:sniff:. And even with the check-offs, i sometimes past first attempt, but the majority is on the 2nd attempt, 1 was even third..... everything is going downhill and im feeling discouraged and losing motivation and determination. :scrying:. i hope i do well on the second test, it will boost my self-esteem.

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Im holding in there. I need to just get a good nights sleep


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so far so good. I feel like I could get better grades but im not doing bad by any means. I need to get used to clinicals, I think that is where most of my stress i coming from, I feel lost because I have no healthcare experience.


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Hanging on for dear life!

Grades are good, life is good. Sitting in lecture for hours on end is very difficult -- trying to keep up with exercise since I can feel my metabolism grinding to a halt!

"Accelerated Program" is a euphemism for "I signed up for this butt-kicking voluntarily."

The volume of reading, writing and memorizing can be overwhelming...but only if you stop long enough to think about it, so I don't.

It's different than I envisioned, but not really harder.

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I'm doing well academically, so far. I made an 88 on the F&E test, which killed alot of people in my class. I passed my dosage cal test on the first try, and my med administration check-off. I ended up with an 85 in my first clinical rotation, which is better than I would have thought. I'm about to take my second pharm exam, but not too worried. I did a 4-week clinical rotation and had to severely neglect my studies because of that. Now I'm on a 4-wk break before I go onto another 4-wk rotation. I'm using my break to catch up, esp. on my online child psych class. I'm going to try to complete all the work in that class in the next three weeks (Yes, I'm feeling ambitious!). But of course, this is my first week off, and my kids and I all got sick, so they haven't been able to go to day care, and I just can't get any studying done around them! And I don't feel good on top of that, so it's hard to focus. Oh well...


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Im just looking forward to the end of the semester..keep your eyes on the prize and keep plugging.


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I am doing fine, just three more weeks and I will be done and ready for preceptorship. A bit stressful but I will be okay.


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I thought I was holding up pretty good, until I saw my doctor about these weird arrythmias I have been having. He told me I have mitral valve prolapse with symptoms appearing right around the time I started the program, soooo basically triggered by stress. Apparently I'm not fairing as well as I though :eek:

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