How hard is it to get accepted to Penn Valley LPN program?

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Hi everyone!

I am currently taking my CNA at Blue River. During the spring semester I will be taking my last bio class needed before I can apply for the LPN program. If I am accepted for the 2011, 2012 school year I plan on devoting my life to the program, even quiting my job just to attend full time. My concern is that if I do quit my job and get my self into school debt I want to make sure I will be accepted right away.

So I guess what I'm asking for is how hard is it to get into the LPN program. Is there a waiting list? Please just post any experiences you have had with Penn Valley, LPN Program.

Thank you!

I got into the LPN program on the first try. I initially applied to the RN program but was not accepted with 5 points. I figured the LPN to RN program in the same length. As far as I can tell it is a "first come, first serve" application series - meaning that the sooner you apply, the better. Good luck!

as long as you have all the prerequisites, information requested/required in before the deadline, along with what missmisty stated about the "first come, first serve" on the application status. your chances are very good! i got in on the first try also. its program is intense due to the accelerated courses, but highly rewarding! good luck!! ; )

Hello! I am applying to the LPN program at Penn Valley. I got my BA degree from Mizzou several years ago but after working as a unit secretary at a hospital the past few years my interest was piqued and so I'm trying to go back to school! I can't find what the pre-reqs are for Penn Valley. I am currently taking anatomy and phys, but what else do I need? Thanks for any info at all!

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I believe that's all that you need... just A&P. I've heard it isn't hard to get in at all... good luck!

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