How to get a NICU job?

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Can anyone give me advice on how to break into NICU nursing?

I currently work at a LTC/rehab center, as it is hard for new grads to get a hospital job in my city. My dream has always been to work in the NICU though. However, every time I see a job posting for the NICU, they want experience. It's understandable, but also discouraging.

So any advice, suggestions, comments on how to get my foot in the door?

Also, I am interested in learning all there is to know about NICU nursing. Does anyone have recommendations for books that I could read in my spare time?

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Apply anyway? :)

This question has been asked innumerable times before; a search will lead you to various opinions.

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Apply anyway? :)

Exactly what I was going to post.
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Apply anyway? :)

Or don't and keep wondering how you will catch a break? :D

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If you can, take NRP. Join a neonatal nursing society. Read neonatal journals. Apply, apply apply! If you score an interview, let them know that this is where your passion lies. Good luck!

I was in your exact same position a year ago and will be starting in a NICU in August. After working in LTC for 6 months I was offered a job at a large hospital out of state on a neuro floor. I took the job and moved. I've been there for about 7 months now and recently applied for an opening in the NICU.

Other nurse mangers I've talked to said pedi or ob/gyn experience is helpful too.

It's totally possible and can happen sooner than you think!

Definitely apply!!! I am a new graduate RN and I absolutely LoVeD my NICU role transition so I just applied and told myself " what's the worst they could say?"... I ended up calling the NICU floor and asking to speak with the RN manager. She picked up and said " send me your resume and I will call you in a few days"... She ended up calling HR and I got an interview.

I actually got a job as a new graduate in a level III NICU! So being a little unconventional and seeking out the RN manager pays off! Good luck to you. :-)

I started immediately in a Lvl 3 nicu after graduation... But I had the advantage of having had my 29 weeker in the unit for six weeks so my daughters primary nurse and her attending neo pulled for me... they were the ones who told me to go to nursing school to get my BSN ...but I agree with the others .. Apply anyway!!

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