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  1. KayceNICURN

    Help! NICU RN

    Same here... Work three Ps a week leaving me with 3-8 nights off in a row. We self schedule in my unit which is a huge plus!
  2. KayceNICURN

    Cup, syringe and finger feedings - BFHI

    This is not a new thing...We tried cup feeding in 1998 in my NI unit... Thankfully the docs revolted because the nurses were going to... This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen tried in my 16 yrs...
  3. KayceNICURN

    How to get a NICU job?

    I started immediately in a Lvl 3 nicu after graduation... But I had the advantage of having had my 29 weeker in the unit for six weeks so my daughters primary nurse and her attending neo pulled for me... they were the ones who told me to go to nursing school to get my BSN ...but I agree with the others .. Apply anyway!!
  4. KayceNICURN

    Abdominal Girths

    Only do abd measurements on NEC babies or babies with ascites.
  5. KayceNICURN

    Care Times

    We do a variety of care times ...9-12-3 and 8-11-2 for most of our po feeders... Occasionally we have 10-1-4 but I don't like those because often times it knocks parents out of the 7 pm feeding because our unit closes for shift change. Npo or continuous feeds are usually 8-12-4. NAS babies we usually do on demand or every 3-4 hrs.
  6. KayceNICURN

    Caring For NICU Parents

    I am not only a NICU nurse (16 years and counting ) I am also the mom of a former 29 weeker... She stayed for six weeks...and I agree about taking stress off the parents. It was my experience as a nicu parent that led me into nicu nursing as a career choice.. I was not a nurse 19 yrs ago when she was born ... I had a BA in another field...so I was a terrified momma... My nurses encouraged touching her and holding her as much as she could tolerate. I was very involved from day 1 and that meant the world to me in a world I had no control in. I've tried to take my experience as an NI parent and incorporate that into how i care for my tiny patients AND their families. I, too, have heard so many coworkers thwart parents attempts to be more involved with their infants. I've even heard some of the older seasoned nurses say they just wished parents would stay away until it was time for dc... I get very nonplussed when I hear this...my facility is building a brand new women's care and surgery center so in 2015 I will be in a brand new NICU with all private rooms and a bed that enables a parent the opportunity to stay with their baby. I'm very excited about our more family centered approach but saddened when I hear several nurses say they'll retire or go elsewhere before they deal with parents rooming in. I'm not sure but I thought we all worked for the same thing... Optimal care for the baby ...and to me that includes allowing parents to take part in caring for their baby... Ok my vent is over but thank you for posting this :)