How to get out of ltc.


:cry:I have been thinking how to get out of LTC. I have been working in an Alzheirmer's unit for more than 3 years. I am a Rn. I enjoy working with this population but sometimes I feel so frustated. I do not know how to get out. I would like to work in an operating room or in a wound clinic, I love surgery. I have not applied yet. Do I have to get a BSN first. :crying2:Hospitals settings are asking for recent experience. Any advice? please.


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Think about your resume, what do you do every day?

Experienced in maintaining peg tubes,

directing daily activity of CNAs ....

Vast knowledge of medications and their interactions

Able to handle difficult situations with tact and diplomacy

Streamlined the process of _____


Identified and treated wounds, prevented wounds, prevention program initiated

What do you do outside of the hospital? Church organizing. Assist with scouts. In the local band? Can it be a strength for a new job? (I once hired a new grad, in part, because she had been on the swimming team for 4 years and was usually in 3rd or 4th place. She had tenacity.)

What did you do before nursing? Can you list what you did there to accomplish positive outcomes?

Have you looked into any training classes for the OR? I never have but I would bet they are out there.

Apply, apply, apply. Follow up. e-mail, letters, phone calls, stop into HR. Do you know anyone in the OR? Can you get to know anyone? Have coffee and find out more. They could become an advocate (just throwing out ideas).

You may have to take a position outside of the OR and work your way in.

Are there any PRN positions you can do on the off hours. For instance I stumbled onto a job doing health screening for insurance companies. I can fit it in because I will be working 2ed shift.

Yesterday was my first day on the floor in LTC. I don't plan to be there long. I'm only 47yo but the pace kicked my butt!:bugeyes: Of course, an orientation would have helped the situation!

Good luck!!!

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I think it costs you nothing but a little time and effort to apply.

That is how I lucked into my job.

You just never know so give it a shot. You have nothing to lose!

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I think you just need to start off by brushing up your resume. Some places might want to see you start in med surg first then you would have an easier time getting into the OR or OB.

As the first poster stated...just do persisitant!


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I agree with Michelle126. Some places may want you to get a year or so of Med Surg experience first. But, look into applying for some OR fellowships/ nurse internships. It sure can't hurt. Also when you apply, you may want to ask if you can do a OR shadow experience or something. When I thought I wanted to change specialties, I asked and was allowed to shadow. Good luck.

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Additional training / coursework and / or experience in a different specialty are classical ways to cross-over into a new area.

Good luck!

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