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How to finish all prereq

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Hi all... i am planning to change my career and have my bachelors degree outside the US 12yrs ago. Is anyone here had the same situation who can advise me the steps in getting the nursing prereq moving forward? I plan on getting the prereqs on a community college and try to get into a university for ABSN track..any insights? Im not sure on how to take the prereqs on a community college..do you tell them youre just taking the 8 courses? Do you enrol on their program?curious on how this works before i visit the communtiy college i intend to go to.

I am doing the same thing. I went back to the community college I attended 15 years ago for my associates. I had them reactivate my student account. Then went through and gave me "permission" to register for courses which I had already completed the prerequisites for (biology is a prereq to anatomy and physiology for example). Then I just registered for classes! I am not technically in a program of study. I will be applying for a MEPN program once I am done :)


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Your first step in becoming a nurse is to research schools that have ABSN programs (since these are the programs you are interested in. As a tip, consider applying to generic BSN programs as well). Once you know which schools you want to apply to based on your criteria (location, reputation, NCLEX pass rate, the number of pre-reqs, entrance exams etc), visit those schools' websites, nursing school pages specifically. See what specific pre-reqs each school requires, along with any entrance exams, letters of rec, CPR etc. If such info is not available online, simply call each school and speak to a person. You may also attend an info session, if such option is available.

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As far as the community college: Tell them you want to register as a 'courses only' student. Not degree-seeking. I'm certain you are not the only student they've had doing exactly what you are doing- taking prerequisite courses to transfer to another university.

As far as the community college: Tell them you want to register as a 'courses only' student. Not degree-seeking.

Yep! Most community colleges will require you to apply to the school prior to registering for classes, but give you several options on your application. My school offers degree-seeking, non degree-seeking, or certificate.

A few pieces of advice:

1. See if your school has an advisor specifically for students looking to transfer to a university (most community colleges do). These advisors can help you determine exactly which classes you need to be taking to ensure that the ABSN programs you are interested will accept them.

2. Be sure to have the classes you took while earning your previous degree evaluated for transfer credit. Many of the prerequisite classes for nursing programs also have prerequisites, such as college algebra or general biology. If you already took courses like that, you want to make sure you get credit and don't have to repeat them. Chances are you can still earn credit even though the courses were taken outside of the US.

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I agree with FutureNurseInfo. Don't focus on the Community College to start with. Figure out which ABSN school you want to attend. Talk to them. Find out what pre-reqs you'll need and what schools they prefer you to attend. Those are the people you want to please, so pick the school for your pre-req's based on what they tell you they want. You might not even need to attend a Community College first. With a previous degree, you might be able to start right into their ABSN program or perhaps spend 1 semester just taking 1 or 2 courses.

Where I live (in Virginia) you could attend any Community College in the state and simultaneously attend the BSN program at Old Dominion University -- taking the BSN classes online while taking the intro to nursing courses and clinicals at your local Community College.

My point is that different schools have different requirements and different programs to help people like you move into nursing. By identifying and talking with the BSN school you want to go to, you can best hone in on THEIR requirements and preferences quickly. Don't waste time, energy and money trying to figure it out on your own -- or taking advice from people who don't the specific requirements and preferences of the school you want to attend. Deal with the school directly.

As far as the community college: Tell them you want to register as a 'courses only' student. Not degree-seeking. I'm certain you are not the only student they've had doing exactly what you are doing- taking prerequisite courses to transfer to another university.

I do not recommend this. Just say that you are DEGREE SEEKING even though you probably will not get a degree from that college. I am saying this because when it comes to picking out classes, you will be one of the last people to pick classes; whereas if you were degree seeking, then you'd have a better change of selecting your classes before most students.

If you don't mind me asking, are you a U.S. citizen? I'm only asking this because some ABSN programs are online, and if you are not a U.S. citizen and you have a bachelor degree outside the U.S. you might not be able to get into the program. This also goes along with some private colleges as well. As for the traditional BSN, you should have no problem getting accepted.

Have you done your research with schools? Do not just go to an academic advisor and say that you need these classes. It is okay to verify with them, but you also need to verify with ALL THE OTHER SCHOOLS that you are interested in attending. Otherwise, if you don't, you might need to retake the classes. Also, do not just pick one school, pick many schools that you want to attend and since you already have one bachelor, try and find a good reputable school that only requires the minimum prerequsites and also factor in the time it takes to complete the program.

Appreciate your feedback. Yes im a US citizen. I'll make sure i'll check the prereq first on all the absn programs in mu area.most of them doesnt offer online though (CSU stan, SFSU) unfortunately not a lot in my area.


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