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4th Semester ADN Student, Telemetry Monitor Tech

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  1. lehaley1989

    CHES exam

    If you're referring to the Certified Health Education Specialist exam, it's not too bad. My previous degree is a BS in Community Health Education, and I took the exam shortly after graduating. The only study tool I used was the official book from NCHEC.
  2. lehaley1989

    Vaccination for clinical

    Many nursing schools will accept students who are not up to date on their vaccinations, however clinical sites will not. You will be putting yourself in a position where you will be unable to complete your clinical requirements for graduation/licensure. If you are unwilling to get vaccinated, you should probably consider another career path.
  3. lehaley1989

    Clinical ideas

    I had a clinical instructor arrange for us to shadow RNs in specialty areas for a few hours on our last day. Wound care, PICC team, OR, cath lab, etc. It was a cool opportunity.
  4. lehaley1989

    Mannequin Phobia

    Honestly, I feel like this is fairly common. My classmates and I have frequently talked about how our minds go completely blank when we're in simulation or doing skills check-offs. Not only are they creepy, it's just really difficult to fake interactions with a stinking doll! It also doesn't help that you know you'll be watched by an instructor when you're doing sim or a skills check-off. That's a lot of pressure! I'm in my last semester, have probably done 10-15 simulation experiences, and I still get extremely anxious and do silly things every time I have one. Thankfully sims aren't graded in our program, they're just viewed as a "safe space to practice".
  5. If you haven't taken the VARK questionnaire mentioned in the post above, I strongly recommend doing that first. Figuring out your learning style will help you determine the best way for you to study. I personally studied for lecture exams by creating practice tests from my lecture material and taking them over and over until I felt confident that I knew the material. I did something similar for lab exams by taking pictures of the models we were going to be tested on, printing them out, and labeling structures over and over. Again, this is the learning/study style that worked best for me, and it may not be the best approach for everyone.