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  1. Roseman BSN 2023

    For the hybrid program, it goes by a block scheduling. There's roughly 12 blocks total. I would say the majority of it was a lot of self learning. We had modules to complete with assigned readings, discussions via canvas, and webinars (some were opti...
  2. Roseman BSN 2023

    Unfortunately, you do need to live within the area otherwise it will be a nightmare having to commute on such short notice for clinical rotations, labs, exams, etc. Everyone in my cohort lived near campus
  3. Cedars-Sinai New Grad RN Residency Program - Winter 2023

    I believe it's around ~50 hr. I started cedars as a new hire.
  4. Roseman ABSN Fall 2022

    I second this! Henderson does tend to fill up faster than SJ. If you have some ties to LV/Henderson then they tend to be a bit more flexible.
  5. Roseman BSN 2023

    I graduated from roseman (henderson campus) in 2019 if you have any questions about the curriculum or just generalized questions about nursing 🙂
  6. Is Changing Specialties Hard?

    Changing specialities overall can be challenging in itself, but I believe if there is a strong structure to the program then it will all work out. COH and Cedars are both really good hospitals. I switched specialities from hem/onc to nicu and althoug...
  7. Cedars-Sinai New Grad RN Residency Program - Winter 2023

    iirc cedars does loosely "require" an 18 month contract. Pretty much if you leave cedars within that time frame I believe you are blacklisted from applying again but you do not owe cedars any monetary value whatsoever
  8. Roseman Oct 2022 Cohort

    I did the hybrid program 🙂
  9. Roseman Oct 2022 Cohort

    Hi! Sorry for the major delay in response. 1. Clinicals start on block 3, but you do have to attend sim labs for block 2. Block 1 is entirely online. It is still in your best interest to live near south jordan or henderson when you start the pro...
  10. CSUN ABSN FALL 2022

    Hi! I graduated nursing school back in 2019 and currently working at a magnet hospital in LA. I can answer all questions that are nursing related 🙂
  11. Roseman Oct 2022 Cohort

    If anyone has questions about roseman, I graduated back in 2019 and can answer all questions 🙂

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone is in the NEONATAL DNP/MSN program. If so, which university and do you recommend the program? Is the neonatal DNP/MSN worth it? TIA 🙂
  13. Which NNP programs do you recommend? TIA
  14. CHOC New Grad Residency August 2022

    thank you for the insightful info. I've been a nurse for almost 3 years and I didn't know the difference between the graduate nurse program and residency. I thought there was only a residency / new grad program. Is the new graduate nurse program a re...
  15. CSUN ABSN FALL 2022

    The majority of my nursing colleagues use NSO for their malpractice insurance. The BEST BLS class I've taken was from surefirecpr (there's multiple locations in LA/OC). There's a bunch of classes available ranging from BLS, ACLS, PALS, etc. I think y...