How to find out NCLEX results in 24hours in IL without paying $8 to Pearson Vue

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Hi guys,

I took NCLEX yesterday and am trying to obtain my result early from the continental testing service website, but it didn't give any information yet, even though it has passed 24 hours. Do you know how long it takes to update the result on the continental testing service?

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Seems like it varies. Some people get it in 24 hours, like me, and some get the results within 48 hours or more.

Right, I think it does.

I took my NCLEX on Thursday, May 8, at 8 am, along with several of my classmates. My test ended with 75 questions. I was so nervous because some of my classmates found out they had passed the very next afternoon. I was constantly checking for quick results on Pearson, but my exam results were not available. It made me so anxious and nervous, until I found this post. I was not expecting it to work, but I tried it anyway. Continental had my test status listed as passed, and Pearson still had my results as not available. I am in Illinois. Hope this helps!


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DestineeRN, BSN-

How many hours were post-test results available on Continental? I finished yesterday at about 2:30, and I'm anxiously awaiting the results.

I didn't look until two days later, but some of my classmates said it was available after 24 hours.


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Can I check my results from continental testing without the last four digits SSN?



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Hello, I'm a foreign test taker, and I don't have SSN. Does anybody know how I can access the result at the continental testing site? Thank you.


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I took the NCLEX-PN Saturday, August 10th, 2019. I did the "trick" and got the good pop, I keep checking the Continental website, and it shows nothing. It's been 35 hours since I took it. I am going to pay just to be sure, but this waiting game is absolutely KILLING me. I got the full 205 questions, and it took me 3.5 hours to complete.


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Took the NCLEX RN ngn June 7th and received my official results through mail June 10th from continental testing illinois. 

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