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  1. I have not read anything much about this process and I just discovered it accidentally. I know in some states their names just appear on BON websites the next day but here in Illinois all we can rely is the Pearson Vue Trick and the Pearson Vue Quick Result where we have to pay $8. So here's what I did: July 29th - took the NCLEX-RN, got the pop up July 30th - this is what I think most people don't know about go to continentaltesting.net click on Get Application Status and Grade enter info such as last 4 digits of SSN, Last name, DOB Click Submit Voila! you will see the status of your application, the date of exam and the Grade which will show as either PASS/FAIL July31st - paid Pearson Vue $8 since I have never heard of the continental trick and I was really anxious so I got tempted to pay lol