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night_owl_rn has 7 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ED.

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  1. night_owl_rn

    Observation Unit

    It is heavily based on protocols, fast-paced as you need to discharge or transfer patients within 24-48 hours. Kinda like Med-Surg / Clinical Decision Unit.
  2. That's exactly what I was thinking, if I could get credited for making it through the MSN program pending passing the boards.
  3. Hi all, Weird question but when you graduate with your MSN-FNP and while waiting to take and pass the FNP boards....how do you write your name? I'm assuming since you got your MS degree conferred then it would be First Last, MSN, RN? Then when you pass the boards and get certified then it would be First Last, FNP-BC or FNP-C?
  4. night_owl_rn

    Med/Surg or ED?

    Thank you. We'll see what offer I'd get from these two places. I should know in the next two weeks.
  5. night_owl_rn

    Med/Surg or ED?

    Thanks for the input. The M/S is more like an observation unit with 3-4 patients. But both facilities are magnet status and have good nurse to patient ratios. M/S is straight night shift with potential to move to days asap. ED is rotating shift eve/night.
  6. night_owl_rn

    Med/Surg or ED?

    I just feel that once you've specialized in the ED, it is hard to go back to floor nursing. But I did love my time in Tele. I think it made me a well-rounded newbie RN. I guess it boils down to whoever offers quick and more. Both hospitals are top 3 in the state.
  7. night_owl_rn

    Med/Surg or ED?

    That previous experience was from a Level 2 Trauma Center. It's just that I've been out of work for almost two years and I am considering the M/S position because of the slower pace/charge nurse role and it would expose me to a lot of disease process. The Level 1 trauma center is in a nicer part of Chicago so I don't think they get the same intense cases as they get compared in the south side.
  8. night_owl_rn

    Med/Surg or ED?

    Hi everyone, I have been out of work for 2 years now due to an illness that has since been resolved. Most of my experience have been in the ED (4 years) and Telemetry (2 years + Charge). I currently have two job prospects, one is in a prestigious M/S unit in the Chicago area where I could have a potential to become a Charge nurse right away due to my experience and the other one is a Staff RN in a level 1 trauma center ED in the Chicago area as well. I am also a few months away from finishing my FNP degree. So I don't know which one will benefit my future goal more which is to become an Advanced Practice Provider.
  9. night_owl_rn

    Graduation Vacation?!

    My goal is to trek to Everest Base Camp after graduation or passing the boards! 1.5 more years!
  10. night_owl_rn

    Olivet Nazarene FNP

    I am part of the cohort that started using Examity online proctoring. The patho content is unrealistic and did not facilitate critical thinking skills. I like the program but the pathophysiology exam content is terrible. I think more than 80% of the class failed that first exam. They had us read 450 pages and take a 50 question test which are too objective and included SATA (while other students only had MAQs). We were given a study guide that did not guide us at all. IT was crazy. Hopefully they will do something about this.
  11. Seems like it varies. Some people get it in 24 hours like myself, some get the results 48 hours or more.
  12. night_owl_rn

    Olivet Nazarene FNP

    I just started with the August cohort as well! I wish us luck with the program! If anybody is interested, I'd like to create a Facebook group for our cohort where we can provide support and resources for each other so we can all graduate!
  13. night_owl_rn

    Telemetry Interview Help

    I was asked these questions: What would I assess or expect to see for patients with CHF? If a patient comes in with chest pain, what labs would I order? I was asked situational questions as well with lots of emphasis on teamwork and how to handle stress.
  14. Hi! I'm sorry if this method did not work for you. Did you take your exam on a weekend? I guess they don't update their system right away but since I sent my application to Continental Testing Service my information has been on the system for a month until now it's still there
  15. night_owl_rn

    Just got done with interview. Did I get the job???

    I am an internal applicant. The manager asked me if the HR has a copy of my NCLEX pass license pending letter which I showed her. I moved the shadowing schedule earlier to get it done earlier.
  16. night_owl_rn

    Just got done with interview. Did I get the job???

    Thank you I appreciate your reply. I always make it a habit to send thank you cards and it always works for me.

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