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  1. Hello, I just want to ask regarding the CES application in CGFNS. I attended two schools for my BSN Degree. 2 years in the first one and then I transferred and completed the other half in another school. In which I all put in my cgfns educational background. So when I finished my order in the cgfns they gave me 2 request form one addressed to the first school I attended to and the other to the school which I graduated and completed my BSN Degree. My documents are all processed by the school from which I graduated since our TOR are all integrated from the time I transferred to that school. Should i still send the request to the school where I first attended to? or should i just let the school where I graduated pass all the necessary documents since they all have my TOR from my previous school. Been calling the CGFNS hotline now but its hard for me to reach them. If there's anyone here who have the same case i would gladly love to hear your experience regarding this matter. Thank you.