How to find out NCLEX results in 24hours in IL without paying $8 to Pearson Vue

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I have not read anything much about this process, and I just discovered it accidentally. I know in some states, their names just appear on BON websites the next day, but here in Illinois, all we can rely on is the Pearson Vue Trick and the Pearson Vue Quick Result, where we have to pay $8.

So here's what I did:

July 29th - I took the NCLEX-RN and got the pop-up.

July 30th - this is what I think most people don't know about

go to

Click on Get Application Status and Grade

Enter info such as the last four digits of SSN, Last name, and DOB.

Click Submit

Voila! You will see the status of your application, the date of the exam, and the Grade, which will show as either PASS/FAIL.

July 31st - I paid Pearson Vue $8 since I had never heard of the continental trick, and I was really anxious, so I got tempted to pay, LOL.

I tried doing the above, and my information was not in the system.

I got the "good" pop-up an hour after I finished the NCLEX and paid the $8 two days later (PASS).

I had heard of this other method from a classmate, but it did not work for me.

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Hi! I'm sorry if this method did not work for you. Did you take your exam on the weekend? I guess they don't update their system right away, but since I sent my application to Continental Testing Service, my information has been on the system for a month, and until now, it's still there.

I took my exam on a Tuesday and did the PVT a few hours after I finished. I couldn't find my information on the testing service site even after my license was posted.


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I tried the Pearson Vue Trick after just a few hours. It did not let me register, and thus I believed I PASSED. After two days, I still hadn't received an official email about my results, so I tried the CONTINENTAL trick above, and I was able to find access to a page that said PASS! So, I am hoping this is legit.


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Seems they may be closed on weekends because I finished my exam 25 hours ago, and mine isn't posted yet! Darn it, I knew id fall into that grey area testing on a Saturday. :(


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It worked for me, but it was more like 36 hours after the exam.


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Continental testing at 23 hours post exam, no info yet. I will be checking in hourly from now on 🙂


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24,5 hours in after NCLEX: no results on Continental. ;-(


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It worked for me! I took the NCLEX yesterday morning at 8 am, stumbled on the continental testing website today, and the results are posted: PASS! I am officially an RN.


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Hi! Just took my NCLEX yesterday and finished around 12 pm. I did the continental testing trick just now (36hrs after the exam), and it says that there's still no data under my name. Guess I have to wait for the next 12hrs.:sorry:


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It worked fine for me and most of my other friends, but a few weeks ago, it didn't work for anyone for a week or so. I think one of those people said their results never did end up showing up there, even later. So they just had to wait and pay for the quick results. So yeah, sometimes it doesn't work and definitely doesn't mean anything re: pass/fail or you personally.

Pearson's quick results are still kinda nice because they have your name on them if you want to show it to prospective employers til you show up on the IDF website.

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