How to find where I fit in


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I'm feeling pretty stuck lately. I am a newer nurse, only three years,but I still feel like I haven't found the type of nursing that fits me. I've done OR nursing which I didn't mind, just got tired of all the on call. I was in the OR 2.5 years and have transitioned to acute care.

I went to acute care/house supervisor because I thought floor experience would help me with nursing skills I wasn't able to routinely use in the OR. While I have learned some, I feel even less fulfilled in this role. Not miserable just not really interested in what I'm doing and I don't want to be be like that.

I have discovered that learning a patient's entire history is not inspiring to me. I am much more task oriented, see the problem fix it and move on. I just don't know what type of nursing to try and I feel guilty hoping around. I really just want to find where I fit. Anyone else ever experience this?

Thank you for any advice. I do appreciate it!


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That sounds interesting. What does an infusion nurse do? Besides the obvious infusion part :-)

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Duh?.......INFUSSION NURSE ESTABLISH vascular access...resource for IVs....some PIC certified...etc

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Sorry, I'm a CoB, :saint:


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It sounds like nursing isn't your vocation. It's not mine either but I found the only niche likable for me.

Despite all the hype. You don't have to love your. Rather, you have to find a job you can do and do it.

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Maybe procedural stuff like GI/Endoscopy? My ex-co worker joked she went from hearts to farts. lol

Another friend of mine is in radiology- yes there's some call, but I guess it's doable for her. They do stuff like dialysis catheters, embolizations, etc.


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Cruise ship nursing!