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  1. ottersloveoysters

    Any Dix Scholar Simmons Grad Moms?

    You can do this. I was in the 18 month program and had several classmates with children. The two year program is totally do-able.
  2. ottersloveoysters

    Best schedule for a mom with small children

    My husband can handle pick up and drop off for daycare but we typically share the responsiblity. Elementary school has before and after school care. My husband tells me he can be flexible. He works from home frequently.
  3. ottersloveoysters

    Best schedule for a mom with small children

    Which would you prefer? All three options involve rotating weekends. One child in daycare, one in elementary school. Daycare covers all of spouse's working hours. Spouse has flexibility to help with drop-off and pick-up as needed. 7AM-3PM (5, eight hour shifts) 8AM-4PM (5, eight hour shifts) 7AM-7PM (3, twelve hour shifts)
  4. ottersloveoysters

    Can you be forced to be charge nurse?

    I would not refuse because, as others said, it is likely included as part of your job description. I would ask for more help/training and explain to your supervisor what makes you uncomfortable.
  5. ottersloveoysters

    Experienced Nurse Still Has Frequent Self Doubt, advice?

    Have you ever considered talking with a therapist about the way you feel? It sounds like you love working with patients but the anxiety sounds awful :-(
  6. ottersloveoysters

    Getting around the 18 y.o requirement

    My gosh, there is so much more to nursing than science classes and clinical rotations. If a 16 year old came into my hospital room and started asking me my medical history, including my sexual history and use of substances just for example, I wouldn't know whether to laugh or be upset. Some nurses in their 20s and 30s have a tough time with patients, let alone teens. My message is: don't rush things. She has plenty of time. Plenty of time to explore school, healthcare, nursing and everything else.
  7. ottersloveoysters

    Starting Phlebotomy

    I draw blood regularly and have never had anyone vomit. I have had people become light-headed and nearly faint. If someone tells me they have fainted in the past and are nervous, I will lay them down before I draw their blood. The majority of the time patients are seated, though. I always make sure they are in a chair with arms. (Why do patients always want to sit on the stool with wheels?) I have had to get some juice/snacks for patients who really felt woozy after a draw.
  8. ottersloveoysters

    Resigned - New Job Help

    100% honesty is not going to be the best route when answering this question. Saying anything in an interview about personality conflicts or disagreements with your previous managers or coworkers is going to put a quick end to the interview, no matter how much they initially liked you. Find another reason to give. Anything! Come up with a story about needing to grow in another area of nursing. Just make the story truthful and genuine and leave out the personality conflict part.
  9. ottersloveoysters

    Do your Doctors require BLS?

    Our outpatient docs have BLS but to really answer your question, if there is an emergency, they yell/run for a nurse.
  10. ottersloveoysters

    How much of a pay cut is too much? Personal opinion

    I would only take a pay cut if being unemployed were the only other option.
  11. ottersloveoysters

    Nurse Residency Program

    Yes, they are usually quite competitive. Application windows/deadlines will vary from hospital to hospital but you will want to apply as soon as you able (i.e. May 2017 graduates are probably applying now). I did not pursue a residency program but I know some nurses who did and it worked out very well for them. Be sure you know the terms of your agreement with the residency program (pay, hours, months/years commitment). They can be a wonderful opportunity in terms of training, support and networking. There are also less desirable arrangements in terms of pay/hours/commitment where it would be preferable to apply for a regular RN job accepting new grad applicants.
  12. ottersloveoysters

    Taking pharmacology online

    You don't mention how long you have been a nurse or what area you work in but meds are so different from department to department. I wouldn't want to spend hours of time learning say, cardiac meds when I work in an epilepsy clinic. I would probably want to focus my time and energy on the information I would be using for my job. In other words, I would create my own "course".
  13. ottersloveoysters

    Why I had reconsidered being a nurse

    I'm sorry you have had such a bad experience but I really don't think all hospitals/facilities are like this. We are friendly with everyone where I work and that includes housekeeping, phlebotomy, lab staff, security, whatever. If I were you, I would try for a CNA or other position at another hospital for a fresh start and see what happens.
  14. ottersloveoysters

    Depressed after nursing school

    Do you have any friends from nursing school you can connect with? I'm sure you are not the only one feeling this way.
  15. ottersloveoysters

    Nurses Eating Nursing Students

    That really doesn't sound like "eating their young" type behavior to me. I was flat out bullied by a nurse when I was a student. It was so bad that my school transferred me to a different hospital for that clinical rotation. That story sounds like a busy nurse who already had a student to teach that day. I would take it up with my clinical instructor.
  16. ottersloveoysters

    How Many Letters Do We Need?

    How many do I need? Just the RN and the BSN (very hard to get a job in my area without the BSN). I have a MEd but I don't really advertise it. Maybe someday I'll want to really delve into a particular specialty but I'm ok without the extra letters right now.