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How exactly does a BSN program work?

I know the first 2 years you do your prereqs and then you enter nursing school, but does that mean you are techinically only in nursing school for 2 years?

What exactly is the time line your the last 2 years in nursing school?

Im a little confused about that part, i know you go to school during the summer but do you get a "vacation" from nursing school later in the year or are you in school year round?

Any additional comments about a BSN program will be greatly appreciated thanks!

It depends upon the program. Some start some form of nursing class from the beginning or near the beginning. My school started nursing courses in the third semester. If you go to the website of the schools that you are interested in, you can usually find a breakdown of the current curriculum.

As the previous poster said, it is different for every school. (My BSN program is a traditional BSN program). For example: At my university, the recommended sequence of courses is 2 years of prerequisites, and then 2.5 years of nursing classes. I think it is possible to graduate in 4 years at my university if you fit your prereqs into 1.5 years instead of 2, but most people complete the program in 4.5 years. Although it is different for every school, we have to complete 5 long (Fall/Spring) semesters of sequential nursing classes to be able to graduate. You can't complete it faster than the 5 semesters because the classes from the first semester are prereqs for the second semester of nursing classes, and the second semester of classes are prereqs for the third semester of nursing classes and so on. We actually do NOT have classes in the summer. Our nursing classes are in the Fall and Spring only. This may not be the norm, just wanted to give you an example of my school's progression. I would look at the websites of the schools you are interested in. They should have detailed information about the program and a sequence of courses listed so you will know what to expect. If in doubt, call the school and take to an advisor.

I took my prereqs @ @ community college here in Cali then I transferred to a state university. I was 1st considered a pre nursing student. I applied to the BSN program this past January and received my acceptance letter last month. The BSN program I will be attending this fall is 6 semesters, which is 3 yrs and we don't attend in the summer. This Fall I start my 1st semester classes of the BSN program. They are Intro into Nursing Research, Health Assessment, Fundamentals and lab. The school you are applying to should have a list of the classes you have to take in the actual program and in what order, it should be online. Every school is different though.

Every school is different. We admit students directly from high school into a 4-year nursing prorgam. Nursing classes start in the First Year (freshman year) with an Intro to Nursing course. Our students also take A&P as First Year students. Skills classes are in the fall of Second Year, and clinicals start in the spring of Second Year.

I just have to do two semesters of pre-reqs and apply for nursing school.

Agree with the other posters...Where I go it is 1 year of prereqs, 3 years of nursing school. Most schools in my area are 2 years of prereqs and 2 years of nursing school.


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My BSN program, if you were to start as a freshman, is one year of pre-reqs and 3 years of nursing classes including summers with some general education requirements mixed in. They also allow transfer students or, in my case, 2nd Bachelor's students but it is still 3 years including summers once you start the nursing program.

Like everyone has previously mentioned, every nursing program/school is different. My school started clinicals our sophomore year and all pre-reqs were finished my senior year. We had the typical summer breaks along with holiday breaks. Glad you're choosing nursing! :)

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My school is on a trimester system. The first year is all pre-req's. The second yr is fundamentals, med-surg I&II, and Maternity/Pediatrics I. After that, you can exit out and take the NCLEX-PN (which I did). In the fall, I'll start my third & final yr: community, mental health, advanced maternity/pediatrics & critical care.


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