How do you avoid a burn out ????

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Calling all stressed out over worked healthcare professionals!!!!! How do you prevent a burn out , what is the key to preventing a complete collapse of nerves and strength with your job?


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When you need a mental health day, use it.

Take care of yourself by: Exercising, eating right, doing something you enjoy, get a weekly massage. Take a vacation, utilize your peers or your Employee Assistance Services to find a counselor/therapist. Make a lateral switch into a different specialty. Start a new hobby... read a book... take a nap... get some lovin!

You know how to avoid burn out, it just takes energy to do those things that gratify your life. Spend some time on you

Yoga is great for stress releif.

Hope you aren't feeling the burnout right now. Feel free to vent if you need to :)


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No I am doing very well but every so often I get discouraged , I need to put myself first I need to take care of my body by execising and eating better . But to be honest I am lazy and tired by the end of the day ....... I have a little one at home to take care of after work .


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You will be amazed at how energized you feel after a 30-45 minute cardio workout. Good luck in your efforts! I am always amazed at mothers who work and go to school too.


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You take a "mental health day" and call in sick.

You talk to your doctor.

You go slower at work on purpose. Don't rush.

Save yourself for the real battles, like coding somebody.

If they're not coding, it can wait.

Take your 30 minute federally mandated UNINTERRUPTED lunch break!

And when they interrupt you put "no lunch" and get paid.

Yes, there are federal laws regarding this.

Get a new job every 2 years, change of setting coworkers can help, just something new, plus your wages will be up-to-date to boot.

Stay anywhere too long and before you know it, new grads are making more than you!


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Educate yourself and be assertive about professional and workplace issues -- protect yourself from being abused, mistreated, or taken advantage of at work.

Maintain a healthy balance between work and your "real" life.

Keep yourself in good physical condition and health. Get plenty of physical and mental exercise and recreation. Maintain healthy, constructive relationships outside of work (or seek out and develop them, if you don't already have them).


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I work with this very cute nurse in OPD, I just look at her then boom im stress free, I really enjoy working maybe because I like who I work with. why dont you try adding humor to your work, give jokes to your workmates, those things will make your day light and that might be just the difference that you need. Look at me, I just handled 70 patient in OPD, paperworks, sending, endorsing patients to ER and wards but Im very happy and raging to go back to work tommorow.

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I work one day a week. This is not a practical course for many people though.

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