Houston Baptist University Spring 2017


Hey everyone, I have been reading many threads but unfortunately I have not found one for HBU for Spring 2017, so I thought I would start one. I am applying to their BSN, as my first degree, I am a transfer student. The following are my stats for my HESI and prereq courses:

HESI Overall: 94

A&P: 96

Vocab: 94

Grammar: 92

Math: 96

Reading: 92

Critical Thinking: 950

My science prereqs GPA: ~3.65

All prereqs GPA: ~3.4

Overall GPA: ~3.2

Has anyone heard back anything at this point? I called the school and they let me know the admission decisions should be coming out within these next two weeks!


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Hi there! I'm glad to see someone else on the same boat as me. This wait is torture! by the way your stats are awesome :) and I'm also a transfer student.

overall GPA: 3.1

science GPA: 3.25

HESI: 86.80

reading: 82



A&p: 88


CT: 880


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Thank you! Yes it really is! I am so anxious just checking my email! Where are you transferring from? Have you heard anything from them?


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Hello! Do yall know what classes they count towards the science gpa? I didnt see it online.


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Same i check it hourly throughout the day! And no I haven't :/ well hopefully tomorrow they'll start sending out their acceptances. And I went to Lonestar! And you?


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Hi! A&P I & II, micro and either chemistry 1 or intro.


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I called today and they said they tried sending emails this week but they weren't able to. Idk she sounded a bit confused.


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I feel bad I have called about 2 times and sent emails as well this week! This wait is horrible. I remember when I submitted my application the counselor told me they reach decisions fairly quickly and that I could call by the 1st of October. However, I guess it is taking them longer than expected, I was told the same thing early this week that emails would be sent out this week but idk what has happened. Well I am transferring from UHD.


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When I submitted my application they told me from the deadline date it would take them two weeks to let us know if we were conditionality accepted or not. Yea the lady I talked to sounded a bit confused but for sure they haven't sent anything out ! Well I'm thinking no later than next week, we'll start getting answers :no: I wonder what's taking them so long!! I also wonder how many ppl are going to be admitted. this past fall the advisor told me they admitted their biggest class which was around 85 I think!

Ughh im tired of checking my email constantly :roflmao:


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Hi !!!!!, I'm applying for hbu as well and nothing so far. I went to the school and I even called , but sounded so confused, she said we should be getting a call next week. I don't know what to think because they have been saying that for the past two weeks. I'm so nervous, and I'm getting tired of checking my email like crazy.


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Same here! I called again yesterday around 4 and they told me they have not heard back from the people that make the decisions. I really hope it is at least by next week! Did yall apply to any other schools besides HBU? I applied to HCC but as more of a backup since they only offer an associates, I also applied to UTHealth here in Houston but their wait is worse you do not hear back until the 15th of November!