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Housing Conditions


Hi,I am supposed to start a new contract on Monday. I chose to have the agency find housing for me. I went to move in today and the apartment was absolutely filthy. They is no heat, no washer or dryer, and stains all over the carpet. I called my recruiter immediately and didn't move in but they say they are looking into it. I am wondering if anyone else has had issues with housing like this and what happened. Not sure if I should look for a hotel, or housing, or wait and see.

Thanks for any advice!

You did the right thing. Moving in accepts the housing. Your agency now has two strikes against them, first for providing substandard housing, and not having a back up plan. A good agency would immediately check you into a hotel on their tab, not making you pay upfront. Call them again. If they don't get you something today, go home.

Thanks Ned. I am 1000 miles from home unfortunately. If I leave what does that mean for my contract? Would it show me as abandoning it and be a black mark on my record?

A black mark where? It is the agency that failed, not you. If they don't perform on the contract, how can you?

I would take this as a hint that you should find your own housing in the future.

After repeated calls the recruiter said they would fix the damaged housing on Monday but there is no way they can repair it all in a day. He said the housing company they used refused to pay for a hotel in the meantime. The agency said that they couldn't pay for a hotel upfront so I had to pay for one this weekend and they will pay me back on the 1st check of the contract. I guess I will report to work on Monday but I am worried about not getting future contract (with other companies of course!) as I will be seen as bailing on this contract. Not the case Ned?

I just feel like I have made a huge mistake by working with this agency. I have been working with some other agencies and really want to go home to my clean house!

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The other companies won't find out b/c there is no need for you to list this assignment. But even if they *somehow* found out, why would it be a strike against you? You drove 1k miles 3 days before your start date, trusting that company would place you in a nice place. Your company is at fault here, not you. And why isnt your company paying for your hotel? Did they give you a company code to use for discounts? Did you get an email saying they will reimburse you, or just verbal? Finally, what is the maximum amount they will reimburse you? I hope they don't give you a hard time about hotel reimbursement by claiming that they are only alloted to pay X amount and the difference is on you. This actually happened to someone I know.

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Hi Raindrop,

The recruiter verbally told me to book the hotel at the price I quoted him per the hotel and I emailed him the booking email. I am kinda fearing now that they may refuse it. I am supposed to report at 7am on Monday am. If this were you would you report or call and resign? I have never had this happen and am just so unsure as to how to proceed.

If I were a new traveler, I would stay since that is a lot of time, mileage and gas that was used. But now that I've had a few assignment under my belt, Id probaby leave especially since they aren't being very accommodating. Too many great agencies out there to settle for this one. I had my agency find my housing once and it was beautiful. But before I drove the 1500 miles, company sent me a link to the apartment website. I was able to view the apt and I googled the apartment name and read reviews from different websites. Do what your gut is telling you. One thing to consider if you do back out, the money you've spent on this excursion, including hotel costs, are all on you.

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And what happens Monday when you still don't have acceptable housing? As far as I'm concerned, your agency now has three strikes and they're out! Cut your damages and leave now. You want to go two more potential strikes? No housing Monday and having to fight for hotel reimbursement? One and a half days home!

No other agency can find out. The hospital will be disappointed, I would call the manager and let her know. And tell her why.


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I've been traveling for abot 3 years now. My first assignment I allowed the company to provide my housing. There was a housing shortage in the area and I had to share an apartment with a fellow traveler. it worked ok until he started bring girls over. First thing that was against company policy when there is shared housing and secondly I was married and it created an awkward situation. I bough an RV and have enjoyed it every since. This is for several reasons. 1) I know whose butt has been on the toilet, 2) when my contract is over I don't have to get out immediantly, 3) Don't have to worry about the situation that you described and if the RV park is bad, I just unhook and leave, 4) Don't have to pay for a motel room in-between, 5) make more MONEY! If I were you, I would stick it out, if possible. My first hospital that I worked at was horrible, but I stuke it out for the travel experiance on my profile. haven't looked back since. I wish you well and good luck. Keep your head up, it'll only get better from here on out.

Thank you all for the quick responses. I have decided to stay here for the weekend and will contact the TC manager first thing Monday AM before reporting to the unit to start the job. If they refuse to start paying immediately for a hotel or provide alternate acceptable accommodations then I will head home. Question...if I actually start working on the unit and then can I quit the contract due if the new/repaired housing isn't acceptable either or would I likely be penalized since I started working?

I have been working with a 2nd company and will look at getting a position with them next week if the housing can't happen. Another reason why working with multiple companies can be beneficial.

I will keep you updated. I had researched the housing complex and it all had positive reviews and photos. Unfortunate lesson learned.

Online housing reviews are not reliable. I understand you have some time and money invested here and would like it to go forward but if you start orientation and then quit, it is very unlikely you will get paid for your time. This might work out well, but an agency that cannot handle such a simple task is not one I want to be working for when a real problem arises. Blaming a third party is not acceptable, and telling your agency you are booking a hotel validates that it is. The agency has already told you the situation is out of their control - that doesn't leave you in a good place. You can take a chance and stay, but it is very unlikely that apartment will be acceptable, you are probably going to have to ask for a new one. Next the agency will ask you to look locally (I'm not kidding) and tell you they cannot afford the hotel.

You might as well start looking now (try Craigslist) and get a head start if you really want to make this work (for yourself and the hospital that will be shortstaffed without you). You might come up with something better and make some extra money on the stipend. Look at houseshares - furnished, utilities, and less risk should your assignment cancel later for any other reason. Posting your own ad and identifying yourself as a travel nurse often gets you good stuff that is never advertised.

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I cancelled a contract several years back when they were vague about the housing and I knew something was not right when they refused to provide even an address for the apartment building.

It turned out to be a filthy low income housing complex, which I refused to live in, and the cheapest rental on Craigslist for $400 yes 400 a month. I really wanted to work there and I hated to leave that hospital in a bind but the agency refused to pay me a housing stipend or even for a hotel. The ruse was to make me travel 700 miles and have no options by withholding the address. The shyster, I mean recruiter, who always acted like my new best friend, called me at nine in the evening drunk and screaming and that was when I blocked them from my phone, email etc.

I had another position with another agency and a 2100 housing stipend in two days. I would suggest going that route if you are working with a smaller company for the first time.

If anyone is going to pocket a portion of the housing budget, it will be me.

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Travel companies can wire money into your account the same day. I would worry about getting reimbursed appropriately since everything else sounds like such a mess. Are you in contact with the person who finds your housing, not just the recruiter? Ask to speak to their manager. Have had to do that in the past and was more successful that way.

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I would bolt...Had the exact same experience in Dallas. Got to the apartment. It was completely unsuitable, location and condition. Called the recruiter, he couldn't do anything. I booked the hotel and drove back home the next day. Company offered nothing. They threatened me with having to pay out the whole contract. My sister is an attorney. I had her fire off a letter in response and I never heard another word. It was my first assignment, I've since done 8 contracts and never looked back. I may have been new to the travel scene but I wasn't new to nursing or life. I knew I didn't have to stay under those conditions. If they don't hold up their end, I'm out. There are just way too many companies to worry about it. Good luck!!​