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Hi there! I am negotiating pay for a new job at a medical spa. Currently I make great money at the hospital I work for, of course because it is a large business, and in addition to that I have worked there for eleven years. SO I do know I could be taking a pay cut with starting in a new field, however I feel that I am still valuable because of the 9 almost 10 years of experience I have as a nurse. There is a lot of skill obtained over those years having conversations with patients and really becoming skilled in thinking on your feet, improvising, and becoming a master at a large number of pieces of equipment.

How much wiggle room do you think you have in negotiating pay? This specific business is not offering medical benefits, this will not be a full time job, and this will be strictly hourly pay. What would be reasonable to ask for per hour with my years of experience as a nurse? Unfortunately I will also have to spend around $3500 for initial botox and filler training....

I am limited in options in my area in regards to starting in the aesthetics industry..it is pretty much the only show in town besides a plastic surgery office and dermatology office. I do not have experience yet and I will be getting trained.

Is requesting $40/hour too much?

Thanks for the input!!! Your answers and thoughts will really help me out!

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It's hard to answer that in dollar amounts without a baseline reference figure- meaning what are they offering you? You can negotiate from there.

Negotiation is always possible and depends on:

How badly they want you

How well you articulate what you bring to the table

Your bottom line (acceptable salary)

Do you find the steep training fees and no benefits a concern?

Here's a link to Salary Negotiation that may help


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Thank you for replying! Unfortunately they want to start at $25/hr when now I am making $40. They are saying gratuity makes up for some pay. I feel ask though spending the money on training and then possibly apprenticing without pay for some hours makes it hard for me to be ok with only 25/hr. That is less than what I started at as a new grad nurse. This is yes what I want to move into seeing as I am pretty burned out on inpatient and currently they are not seeking help. I contacted them

Im open to any thoughts or suggestions you may have!


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I know a nurse who switched to an aesthetics job because she really had to go to a M-F 9-5 job, she makes a few dollars over minimum wage, so $25/hr sounds pretty good.


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Does this nurse that switched to aesthetics also get commission pay?


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Can you give us a general idea of where this position is? $40 sounds high but healthcare pay varies more than most other industries depending on location. If you'd rather not say than I understand.

With any salary negotiation remember to have the three W's. What you 1)WANT 2)WILL ACCEPT and 3)WALK AWAY. I encourage you to write these numbers down and have them in front of you when you're negotiating. Always remain professional and polite when talking money. You can get further with positive statements like "I want to be there and we're close on salary. Is there someone who might be able to approve another $2 per hour?" Also some organizations simply have no room to negotiate or it's their policy not to. If this is the case don't take it personally, they really might have a precise number that you either take or don't. So just look at your three W's and make your decision if you WILL accept it or Walk Away. Good Luck!!


You have the question that everyone asks when getting into aesthetic injecting - and there are about 100 different answers based on the type of practice, the area of the country and the knowledge that you bring to the clinic. In my recruiting business, I see $25/hr plus a commission paid on NET procedure revenue as very normal for an entry level injector. And I suggest that you check into Aesthetic Advancements (CME Botox Training Courses) for training - it is CME and all of the courses are taught by full time, highly qualified injectors. Be very wary of the "course" programs that charge thousands of dollars for comprehensive training. You can't possibly learn and absorb all of that if you are not currently injecting and practicing what you are learning. You also might have the option of making additional commission on any skincare products sales, so I would ask about that as well. Wishing you the best! Mary Beth at TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting


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It all depends on where are located. I am in Hawaii and the hospital pay here is about $58/hr. I work part time in an Icu and part time in aesthetics. I have been in aesthetics for about 5 years and I am at the point where I make more in aesthetics than in hospital nursing. Instead of making an hourly pay, I negotiated a percent of the profit. I make 30% of the profit for all Botox or anything other cosmetic procedure I perform. Btw I learn all the procedures from the md I work for and the company reps. Good luck .


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Thank you for replying! Currently the business model this spa is using does not include any sort of commission deal. Only hourly. Then if someone wants to give gratuity you keep that. I think there is room for growth though so I'm just going to keep pursuing!


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That sounds promising. I'm going to keep pursing then. Over time I could probably build up a good clientele then maybe have the opportunity for negotiations later. I am keeping my job at the hospital I am working in at a per diem status. Thanks for the information!