Salary Negotiation for Nurse Educator Position

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,
    How should I negotiate salary in an upcoming interview as a hospital nurse educator?

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    Dear How to Negotiate Salary,

    It's a great question, because typically, nurses are not known for being strong negotiators. My life motto is- you never know unless you ask!

    The time to negotiate is after an offer is made. This is when you have the most power, because they want you.

    It's important to know your value so you have a reference point against which to weigh your offer.

    Use Glassdoor or job boards such as Indeed, filtered for nurse educators, to get an idea of compensation in your area.Consider picking the top of the range and not the middle. You're worth it and you show it.

    Have a couple of target numbers in your head- what you'd like to make, and what you would walk away from. What are you making now and how much of an increase would you like see?

    Negotiations include a series of back-and-forth offers and counter offers. Ideally after some give and take, both parties are happy- they want you, and they get you; you want the job and feel appropriately compensated.

    Consider your length of experience and identify what you bring to the table. When you ask for more money, you also need to show your value. Can you be the solution to one or more of their problems?

    Do you have experience with their computer system? Heading up large educational activities or projects? Proficient with content development? Ability to improve HCAPs scores?

    Also remember to consider the entire benefit package when you consider an offer. Benefits such as insurance, paid time off, and tuition reimbursement are all important, and will have different value for you depending on your circumstances.

    Keep me posted- you know I'm a nurse educator, right?

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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