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Browsing for jobs I came across a post for weekend only 16 hour shift from like 7am to 11pm sat and sunday. Do CNAs work this shift often? If so what is it like?

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I did this for years and loved it, but depends on if you think you can endure it.

I worked 16 every Sunday and one weekday. Got my hours with more free time!


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If you have the stamina, do it. I'm usually pretty toasted at the end of my 12, and I want to see my husband and kids on weekends sometimes, so I wouldn't.


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I love 16s, but only when I work 11-7/7-3. I work on a very busy and self contained unit so days flies by.

I have done days/eves a handful of times and eves/nights (used to every weekend). I wouldn't say these are for a brand new cna.


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I probably would do it if it was ONLY weekends and not in the week. I would imagine it would be exhausting on the Monday. I used to do 14 hours, and it was very tiring. But 2 days a week and the weekdays all off is a score, IMO.

16 are really draining, I did one 16 as a CNA and was a sitter the whole time, It was hard even though the day was easy, I got bored, thats how i know what the patients felt. you will drain yourself doing it though especially if its on the weekends, as a nurse I won't mind but as a CNA you will get tired.

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Most of the LTC facilities offer this schedule. Plan on not doing anything on Manday if you take it.

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