Hospitals that hire nurses with less than a year of experience


I just endorsed my license to Florida in hopes that there might be more opportunities for me in FL than there are in NY. I'm interested in relocating to South Florida (Palm Beach area or near Ft. Lauderdale), but I would consider Tampa and as far up as Jacksonville as well. Thanks in advance. :)

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UF Health in Jacksonville has a reputation for being pretty welcoming to new grads, as long as you don't mind a job as a trauma nurse.


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Thank you, I'm going to look into that hospital!


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Jacksonville is very new grad friendly. UF Health will only hire BSN nurses, however, and Baptist and Mayo prefer BSNs but will hire ADNs on occasion. St. Vincent's has no problem hiring ADN nurses and is a fantastic organization to work for!


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Thanks, Lucy.


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A few of my recent graduate classmates have gotten jobs at Tampa General and Orlando.


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StepdownRN88- how long did it take for u to endorse your license to Fl?


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I am a fairly recent RN graduate who works at St. Agnes in Baltimore MD as a PCT until I can find a nursing job. I am interested in moving to Florida since I used to live there and loved it! Is St. Vincent's a part of Ascension Health? Do you work at St. Vincent's? If you do, can you offer any advice? I'm having a really hard time getting a job since I graduated in May 2015 and passed the boards in July 2015.


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Gainesville FL is very new grad friendly and we are always looking for med surg nurses. Its a great way to get your foot in the door.